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  1. MXFred

    kevin windham runs stock suspension.

    Stock? He probably had the spring rates changed, he said it was revavled, probably had some other trick parts installed as well. that isn't stock to me. He should have probably said modified forks or Non-works forks.
  2. MXFred

    09 450R Buyers Remorse?

    the more I ride my 09 the more I love it. I took it out to a local track (Firebird) last weekend and I was hitting stuff on it that I couldn't on my RHC modified 450. 1500 worth of modifications compared to a bone stocker. I'm much happier on the stock 09. I'm not tripling 3 sections but will start working on them. Oh, last Sunday was my 3rd time on the bike. I just love how it turns. Now that she is broken it I can really start seeing what she can do. My advice is to get used to the bike. Take it easy until you get to know it, the have fun. Plus I love the one kick restarting. I stalled the bike twice since I've owned it and restarting it is so easy not like my carborated bike.
  3. MXFred

    The TRUTH about 09 Crf450r

    I just bought an 09 on saturday and Rode it for the first time yesterday. The back end feels a little stiff but am sure that will change after break in. I'll probably buy the PC link to better balance out the bike. I love the power on this bike compared to my 05 which had a RHC head, 187 cam, JE13.5:1 piston. I'll see what I need to do once I ride it a little more and after she is broken in. So far I am very happy with the bike.
  4. MXFred

    CRF250R Valves shims - will 450 shims fit???

    They are a different OD as already stated. When it's time to shim you'll need to go thinnner then the shim that is in your bike to open up the gap. When in a pinch and not able to get the right shim because the shop is out, closed etc, I've sanded the old shim down. Just get some 800 grip wet sanding paper. Tape it to a flat surface and after putting some water on the paper with the tip of your finger push the shim in a figure 8 pattern. Flip it every once in a while. I kept checking mine with a micrometer and got it perfect after about 20 minutes.
  5. MXFred

    Grinding Valve Shims

    I am talking with Labor. The only shim the local shop had were the ones that the service department techs used to do their customers work. They wouldn't sell me any. It would have been 3 choices: 1. Pay the A holes $150 to have it done to be able to ride that weekend. 2. Order the shim kit from hot cams for $80 and wait to get them and not ride until the parts came in and I finished the job. 3. Sand them down for $0 and get my bike back together so I could ride. That is why I say he saved $150. That is what they tried to hose me for.
  6. Ya you can but you need to run more oil, on one side. I don't remember which check with Kelstar. The problem from what I hear is that without the splashing around that occurs on an MX track the stock recommended oil level isn't enough to lube the kick starter return spring and it will get hot and have problems. Check with Kelstar to be sure. I think it would be easier if you modified an X then an R for the street. It's already got a lighting system and battery. I'd do the airbox mod and switch to an 08 R cam and super motorad wheels.
  7. MXFred

    HC piston and a aftermarket cam

    JE 13.5:1 with an stock 08 OEM Honda cam makes good power. Ron Hamp even thinks the 08 stock cam is good. His cam makes more power but according to him the stock 08 is pretty close. I have his 187 cam in my 450 and love it. For aftermarket non OEM stuff, his stuff can't be beat.
  8. MXFred

    feul mix screw installation???

    I had one fall out one time and lost the spring. You can't simply buy the spring, washer or o ring seperate. You have to buy the whole fuel screw assembly. That set me back $40 !!! Live and learn the hard way!
  9. MXFred

    Grinding Valve Shims

    Nope that is what the Honda shop will charge you here in AZ if you have them adjust your valves. the KY jelly is extra!
  10. MXFred

    What is the best year for a used Crf 250?

    In AZ about $3200.00
  11. MXFred

    What is the best year for a used Crf 250?

    A used 08 from a vet guy who was about 280 pounds would be ideal. He would ride the 250F once and learn that he should have gotten a 450F.... a fat vet beginner who only rides on sunday once a month would be perfect. A pro can wear out a bike in a season so just because it's an 08 doesn't mean it will be great deal. who you buy it from is just as important as what year. I would go 08, 07, then clean 06 from fat slow vet. 05's had a problem with the cylinder skirt cracking. Also never raced doesn't mean good deal either. the guy could have rode the crap out of it in the dunes. Sand is very hard on the 250F's.
  12. MXFred

    Valve issues and oil type

    Just trying to point out any quality oil before Rotella.
  13. MXFred

    Valve issues and oil type

    If you ask Kelstar he can tell you about my valves contacting my head when we tore my bike apart. All I am trying to point out to people is that it could be a huge variety of things to include oil type that can cause valve issues. I have a CRF250R and a CRF450R and both have $$$ in the engines. The 450 has the RHC top end complete with piston cam pipe etc. The CRF250R has the JE 13.5:1, 07 head, 08 valves, 08 cam and springs. Once you start going High compression and modifying these things every little thing matters. I even change cam chains since they only cost $30 and why chance a stretched chain. My advice to anybody is stay on top of the maintenance, if you have any questions RHC and Kelstar are the two most knowledgeable guys on here to get an answer from.... and if you are going to be riding hard every weekend you may want to keep the oil fresh with a quality oil. I've got too much money tied up in these bikes to even think about trying to save $10 on oil or something else that will effect reliability. Take it for what its worth.
  14. MXFred

    Grinding Valve Shims

    and saved yourself $150 bucks!!!! way to go! Good idea about the 1/4 turn.
  15. MXFred

    feul mix screw installation???

    These things are a pain in the butt to put in. The very first thing I do is put a light colored towel under your bike stand. With you bike now sitting on top of the stand which is sitting on top of the towel loosen the carb at both ends and twist it sideways as far as you can. The old fuel screw is just forward of the float bowl, using a small flat tip screw driver unscrew it counter clockwise. As agent smith pointed out remove the spring washer and o-ring from the old fuel screw and install on the adjustable one. Here is the fun part, while pushing the new fuel screw up with your thumb turn it trying to get it in. Because of the longer length this is not an easy task. Next, now that you have dropped the screw, search that lightly colored towel, locate all the pieces and reassemble and attempt again. (now aren’t you glad you used that towel, those parts were easy to see and didn’t roll far.) Keep trying. It took my a bit the first time I did one. Push and turn, the screw may seem a bit on an angle at fisr but as soon as the needle is far enough to start going in the hole it’ll be straight. Remember if you can’t turn it easy with your finger tips you cross threaded it. Don’t tap it in with a hammer or use pliers. Just pressure with your fingers pressing it in and turning should be enough. Now that you have that bugger in tighten it all the way. I noticed that on my bikes that the numbers don’t exactly line up at 0 or 1 so I just made a mental note where the “number” was when tight. If it was say the number 4 turn it counterclockwise until you see the #4 in the exact same position as you started, keep going until you see the #2 (that is if you started with#4) and that will be 1 ½ turns out etc. That should get you in the ball park. Now after you have your bike started and warmed up you may need to tweak it one way or another a ¼ turn.