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    YZ250f value compared to YZ426f value

    Yeah, that would be my guess. Early on alot of guys were going for the displacement. More recently, the 250F has come into increased popularity and therefore probably has a higher demand to supply ratio in the used market. The 250F is also a great starter bike whereas the 426F tends to scare some away... From a manufacturing standpoint, they are virtually the same bike and I believe the new ones run very close in price to each other. Ride a 426 and decide for yourself. Lot of guys love 'em. There's some hella deals out there on them like you said.
  2. neWRiver

    Is this a Scam???

    Of course he is, that is the "hook". He's a fool... What's really funny is that he will RUN to the bank to execute the necessary authorizations so that the scammer can get his cash. He will then be left with his CAR (fill in the blank) and a worthless document and it will take him days to realize he was duped and that his money is really gone from his account. Actually, if he has any brain at all, he will likely realize that the scammers requested "procedure" for handling the transaction is pretty hinky as soon as he hears the details... It amazes me that ANYONE could be talked into this. But, if you think about it, the opportunity to excercise one's greed and the prospect of cheating the deal to one's advantage (with seemingly "no risk") is exactly what causes someone to throw common sense out the window.
  3. Yeah, we got you... We all know what happens when the engine is running and the bike ain't moving for more than a minute or two. And we all have been at the decision point as to whether or not to hit the kill button.... Bottom line is you got to. And you need to resolve any starting issues, especially if you plan to race at all. Make sure valve clearances are in spec, clean up the jetting and get the auto decomp cam if you got a few extra bucks. I don't have issues anymore about getting my bike re-lit and I haven't boiled the coolant in a long time...
  4. Uh, he was listing that as a downside to the xx250F. I agree, sometimes when putting with the kids, you can feel the heat building up, even on a cold day. Just not enough air going across the engine and radiators. Okay, so putting around the yard with the kids is not the best use of a "racing performance" machine, I will grant you that. But, again the question of relevance. Is there such a thing as beginning "putting around" and advanced "putting around???"
  5. Okay, fair enough. You will note that I also gave suggestions for alternative bike choices, both playride and novice "race" bikes that I have had the opportunity to evaluate for myself. But, the title of this thread is still "Is the WR250F a good bike for a beginner?" I bought one as a beginner and it seems that a few others did as well. And I think the thing we are trying to get across is DON'T BE AFRAID OF OWNING A PERFORMANCE BIKE. Yeah, there are tamer mounts. And, yeah, there are people who will forever be more comfortable riding those. And, yeah, there are cheaper bikes to own that don't need special "mods", especially if you go to the used market and get a ride that someone has already set-up for the kind of riding you want to do. Similar to other's experiences mentioned here, I originally was shopping for an XR250. Because of the cautionary advices of others and the intimidation of the mag write-ups (like oscal mentioned) I only hoped to "one day" be capable of handling a performance bike like the 250F. Well, I talked myself into the WR250F and have never looked back...And I still think the XR is a great bike, but I will never own one. It does not suit my riding style/preferences, beginner or not.
  6. Lot of good points, but not very relevant to the original poster's query... Surely you are not suggesting that oscal should choose a TTR125 as his "beginner" bike.(?) BTW, my 14 year old stepson rides the L version and rocks on it (TTR125L). It fits him very well right now and when he is a little bigger he will be on a full size bike. I respect that there are lots of very rideable bikes and some riders have more talent going into the game than others. However, this is a Yamaha 250F board. The question was about a WR250F or WR450F and which one is a better beginner bike and/or whether the 250F is a suitable beginner bike. I believe that the WR250F is an excellent choice for playriders or would be racers alike. I was in the same position about 3 years agao (first bike) and have been VERY happy with the choice I made. BTW, I am not ruling out that oscal might be happier with an older technology bike for cost/reliability/rideability. He has obviously focused his interest on the newer technology bikes and if he can afford it I don't think he would be throwing his money away even though he may be only a beginner yet...
  7. Let me think about that for a minute.... reliability of air cooled bike vs. performance of water cooled plus a few bucks for rad guards.... hmmm.... Yeah, okay. I'll buy into that... but only if you are playriding. BTW, as long as we are covering all the bases, I'll throw in a vote for the KTM200EXC. Not a thumper, but a very competitive novice friendly bike. Very similar in power and character to the 250F. I can swap it back and forth with my 250F all day and not miss a beat.
  8. Lol, my bike has been tipped over, dropped, launched, burned-in, slid down the hill, bounced off the rocks, etc. MANY times. I keep it upright a hella lot more now than the first couple years, though. Finally went out and bought some new plastic and it does not look any the worse for wear. Get some good radiator guards and a substantial skid plate.
  9. A 250F is an awesome beginner bike, IF you want to LEARN to ride. If you want an "easy" bike to ride, go with one of the earlier suggestions here. XR250 is also a very friendly first bike and the DRZ400 is a popular "less aggressive" but capable trail mount. My WR250F was my very first bike and it was a bit intimidating and it does sit tall. However, it has given me a lot of lattitude in increasing my riding ability and still performs very well for my requirements. I'm a pretty solid B enduro rider (after about 3 years) and I know if I had started on an "easier" bike I would have had to replace it long ago. Bottom line, though, is that you need to get some seat time on different bikes in order to really know what will work for YOU. The reality is more likely that you'll have to bite the bullet and pick one before you get much riding experience or a chance to checkout other bikes. I really think that a 250F is more likely to hit the mark than a 450F.
  10. Okay, yeah, I knew you would have had something to do with it if it were anything worth knowing about...
  11. neWRiver

    Hey Sorry!

    damn straight! Yeah, there's always some new blood gonna show up for a hard ride thinkin' they got their stuff together.... well, we always take care of 'em and get them back to the trucks one way or 'nother and then we place joking bets about whether or not they'll come out again any time soon... Mostly they're good folk and have a good sense of humor, but man some of them gets to complainin'! And the worst of the whiney babeys is these fancy boys whats been track ridin' for a whole lots and jess wanna sees fer hisself what this trail ridden be all abouts. Hey, just messin' with ya...
  12. Huh... I thought you discovered the Power Now? At any rate, well done there... Yeah, me too. For some reason the '03 cam has dramatically changed the starting behavior of my bike over the last year. I rarely have to worry about hot start and it just never seems to load up and refuse to start after a stall like it use to. You're my hero, yz250f_rider.
  13. neWRiver

    Hey Sorry!

    Hey now! You say that like it is a bad thing....
  14. neWRiver

    what a con-jetting Qs

    Dang, Taffy, you sure don't hold nutin' back now do youse? 90%??? That's a stretch.... well, okay I'll give you 90% (or even 95%) iffin' yer countin' pure windage. Anyway, I bought JD's custom needles for my bike and I would have to say that they represent the culmination of all of the research and testing and are absolutely a plug and play application. All the newer TTers will never know the toils that got us there. Thank you very much for your part. ... and nice of you to drop back by.
  15. neWRiver

    Devol Skid Plate Owners

    Yeah, my Devol skid plate required using the original screw for the top mounting hole (original plastic guard removed). Just for the record, I replaced my Devol skid plate a couple weeks ago with a WB skid plate I purchased on Shop TT. Very nice, sturdy unit and was very easy to install (included a fresh screw for that top mounting hole). The Devol was a bit more difficult to install and was made out of approx. 1/8" material whereas the sturdier ones (like the WB) are more like 3/16". My Devol skid plate looked a bit like a pie tin hammered up around the underside of my frame after two years of use. Also, for some reason my Devol only had a wing on the left side and the water pump guard on the right side has taken some nasty hits due to this.