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  1. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    what was your old name?
  2. rockchucker22

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    Mass identity crisis ?
  3. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    Why did everyone change their names?
  4. rockchucker22

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    Or woodschick?
  5. rockchucker22

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    How about Cisco?
  6. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    My name has been the same forever!!
  7. I'm torn, while I do like the look, I lament over the old huskies! Come on husky was the leader, the first to plate bikes and say I don't care what Japan is doing, they built real plated dirt bikes first,now that's gone!!
  8. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    What happened to Burned, or Bronco, Noble, ect...
  9. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    My bash plate just isn't on in the pic, I'll post a more recent picture today. Seems none of the old guard are still around???
  10. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    Thanks, they are great bikes, that still turn my head every time I see one! Here is my bike, but I have a new tank now.
  11. rockchucker22

    Stopping by

    Haven't been around for years, still have 02 and still love it, I haven't been riding much mostly because of work, my son, and you know life stuff. How's everyone been?
  12. rockchucker22

    Anyone ride in Troy Mdws yet this year?

    I was in Monache for 10 days and forestservice is putting up the fences and opening the cabins they use, so I would bet water is on it Troy. Bugs are bad up higher.
  13. carbed models do not have a fuel pump.
  14. rockchucker22

    Welcome back!

    Yea I all but gave up on TT
  15. rockchucker22

    Welcome back!

    Love the old site!!!