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  1. IamRooster151

    Anyone ever broken this part?

    Funny that you say that. I am literally ordering a brass bushing for mine as we speak.
  2. IamRooster151

    Anyone ever broken this part?

    This is kind of late to the situation, but did you ever find the problem and or fix it? My bike rattles at low RPMs just like that. I have a feeling it is with the power valve because when I took the left linkage cover off of the PV, and started the bike up, I watched the pv engage and disengage with different throttle positions. I could tell it only made that noise when the pv was not actuated.
  3. IamRooster151

    Does your powervalve linkage cover leak oil?

    This is an old topic, but i recently ran into this problem. Quick question; Is it absolutely necessary to have a flange on the bushing? Wondering because it seems like it would be a lot easier to get the part without machining it. Thanks, -Roost
  4. IamRooster151

    '14 YZ250 Refresh Thread

    The shorty decided to break its rear mount bracket. Most likely due to stress from a tweaked expansion chamber. A buddy of mine said he would weld it up, needless to say it did not work. It ended up putting a hole in the canister (should have used a tig welder). Not a big deal, but it was atlas worth a try. Now that this silencer is trashed, I will probably just cut it down three inches. Regardless of what I have read about cutting down silencers, it will be a nice experiment. For those that have tried this, let me know you results! I got this idea from a yz250 build by Ken Oconnor Racing.
  5. IamRooster151

    '14 YZ250 Refresh Thread

    It has been a while, so I've decided to post an up to date picture tonight with the bike. Headed out to the races tomorrow and thought I could snap this right before loading up. Make America Two Stroke Again.
  6. IamRooster151

    My 07 CR250 build

    Hope I get to see you an your bike sometime in the future. I ride from Oak Hill and Village Creek to Red Rock and Murphies mx.
  7. IamRooster151

    New to me 02 cr250

    What is this? just curious.
  8. IamRooster151

    Honda is going to be back in the 2 stroke business in 2018

    Awesome credibility, Id love to see this in a signature haha
  9. IamRooster151

    Dropped 03 YZ250 now leaking oil

    Used to live in Mt. Pocono, Cresco. Rode the lost trails there before they moved behind iron horse in Scranton. Now back in my home state of Texas, small world. If the oil is dirty/ black, it will most likely be leaking from the PV. A seal can frequently rip on the PV shaft, or in my experience the cylinder will where out where the power valve shaft and the seal conjoin together. This leaks down to the water pump area from excessive drip, in my experience.
  10. IamRooster151

    05 YZ 250 Build

    This bearing is superseded
  11. IamRooster151

    I'm looking for information on trans break in

    +1 on magnetic drain plug
  12. IamRooster151

    05 YZ 250 Build

    These are my favorite threads, excited to see how it all works out. Keep on posting!
  13. IamRooster151

    I'm looking for information on trans break in

    I usually will break it in (trans and bottom end) the same way I break in the top end. Typically, I will throw in a new piston and rings if I am doing the bottom end and trans, since it is already apart. To be honest, I don't think there is anything special way on how to break in a trans due to the fact that there is no rings to be seated like on a piston. I usually will run some Bel Ray gear saver 80W and change it every ride for the first few hours, then I go back to Shell Rotella Triple T. I like to keep an eye on things like the coolant level and oil level to see if there are any leaks. Have not had any problems the way I have been doing it. Good luck
  14. IamRooster151

    Rod Play Look Here

    My rod was like that when I replaced the top end about five hours ago. 2 hours after the rebuild the big end bearing let go and ruined the head and cylinder. Not saying your will do that but mine did. Had to re-plate cylinder, recut head, and had the crank rebuilt.
  15. IamRooster151

    Best 2 stroke engine builder?

    Just got my cylinder and head back from Harris Performance. Cylinder head cut, modded power valve, shaved cylinder base, ported cylinder. Awesome power for my YZ250.