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  1. WFO_Pete

    Tusk Replacement Clutch - Who has run them?

    I have to agree. I've beat the hell out of this OEM unit and I have not even encountered a change of free play during this abuse. Abuse? Hill after gnarly hill (rocks, roots, leaves) slipping the clutch in first or second gear almost all the way up, I also run through a very tight pine tree stand that requires first geat and lock-to-lock turns of the bars, slipping the clutch all the way. The only thing I have not done is axle deep mud/sand. I'm running a 505 Cheater tire which gives great traction on rocks/roots and all to often I have the choice of slipping the clutch or risk having the front end loop out on me. Due to the ergos I'm up on the tank as far as the seat will let me go and the gearing/tire combo will hook up like velcro. I have Moose fiber plates and EBC springs sitting on my work bench for months but no need for them...yet.
  2. WFO_Pete

    XR400 Plastics Graphics Template - Vector Image

    Yeah sorry. Go to OEM Honda, 2003, XR400 and look at the MARKS schematic part.
  3. WFO_Pete

    XR400 Plastics Graphics Template - Vector Image

    Looks like they still might be available from Honda: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/2
  4. WFO_Pete

    new project

    How did you clean/paint your cases?
  5. WFO_Pete

    XR's Only SS Pipe

    Like to know what the quaility (welds/fit/finish) is like compared to the OEM piece and if you think the OEM exhaust would work with the exhaust.
  6. Yeah but KTMs had a real platform to build on. This bike...I mean, com'on, just leave it be for what it is...or isn't.
  7. FWIW, I hate my Moto9 (standard Bell) in the summer WAY TO HOT. Other than that it's just OK. Looking at LS2s now.
  8. WFO_Pete

    Throttle sticking

    If you can't remember when the cables were replaced last; then replace them. Kink or no kink, it's a good place to start on a 30+ year old bike. While you are replacing the cables, check the throttle housing, cable routing and as said above carb linkages.
  9. WFO_Pete

    CRF250F how its made

    Dude didn't even use bark busters. Probably the best comp evnviorment for that bike; low to the ground, first gear only.
  10. WFO_Pete

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Just told a buddy: The thrill is gone. The bike belongs on the back of a motorhome at a KOA. It is one notch above a foo-foo bike. Still some will have to screw with it. The big advantage compared to the old XRs is a modern chassis/ergos (I hope). The bike is heavy but with $$$ you can probably cut off 20 lbs The 230s (last year for them is 2019) are cheaper, lighter, less power. If I were really interested I would watch the 250 for a year because EVERONE is going to try to make it into a better bike. Between weight, motor and suspension the dollars will add up quickly I'll bet you end up with a $7000 ($5000 to buy in and $2000 to get it right). Then you can ask yourself: What else could I have bought for $7K? If you must have a CRF250F; wait a year, look for a good used one at cheap price.
  11. WFO_Pete

    XR's Only SS Pipe

    Stock headeds are ok but kind of crudy around the collar areas. I was just thinking if the XR's Only pipes were a quality and nicley made I might opt for a set. The bike is pretty much bone stock; even has the full baffled OEM exhaust.
  12. WFO_Pete

    XR's Only SS Pipe

    I was thinking about getting one of thier stainless steel header pipes for my XR250. Does anyone here have one and what is your opinion of the pipe. Good quality? Are the collars steel or stainless?
  13. WFO_Pete

    Tusk Replacement Clutch - Who has run them?

    While I generally agree with OEM parts being a no-brainer as to quality/fit/performance, I will say that the aftermarket fills a key void that would otherwise be left untouched. Honda has very good quality as far as durability/fit however if parts are NLA or if the buyer is looking to upgrade certain aspects of the machine then the aftermarket is the only choice. Suspension, exhaust chains, sprockets are all examples of superior upgrades to OEM. Depending on the model, cost and targeted buyer the manufacture makes choices as to quality, weight, COST and performance. FWIW, I went with some Moose (DP) aftermarket fiber clutch plates on my XR250R. Have not installed or rode with them yet so I have yet to pass judgement on fit/quality/performance of the plates. My 2 cents and worth every penny.
  14. WFO_Pete

    Tusk Replacement Clutch - Who has run them?

    Thanks for the replies. I'd like to tighten up my gearing as I tend to ride in some very, tight technical areas. I've found myself abusing first gear more than I'd like to and being a little impatient with the acceleration through the gears when chasing 300 KTMs through the woods (or are they chasing me ). I don't really need the 80+ mph top end of the OEM gearing so lowering it doesn't bother me.
  15. Feels like the OEM clutch is getting a little weak. I'm looking at going with this: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/2664/3012/Tusk-Clutch-Kit-With-Heavy-Duty-Springs?s=68534&v=615#!addToWishList Some have said in reviews the spring are too stiff and to alternate them with the stock springs. Also, how many of you have gone with a bigger rear sprocket? I believe OEM is 48 tooth I want to try a 52 tooth to tighten up the jump between gears and get a stump pulling first gear.