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  1. mylesc

    Has anyone tried to use a 450x ecu in the 450L?

    Here's the guys blog: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fblogs.yahoo.co.jp%2Fnabe_1st%2F35886567.html It sounds like he can't control the L fan with the X ECU...
  2. mylesc

    CRF450L Aftermarket Exhaust Options?

    Exchanged emails with JD Jetting and they are working on their piggyback tuner as we speak. They said to check the website in about 2 weeks.
  3. mylesc

    Selling WR250R Stock or Modded?

    I’ve got pretty much the exact setup as you. I would try to sell it modded before you change it back to stock. Tons of stock bikes for sale, but not a lot available that have been properly modded, so you may find an educated buyer that appreciates the add ons. What are you getting to replace it?
  4. mylesc

    WR250R PC map question

    I think that it’s a good baseline and you can fine tune from there.
  5. mylesc

    WR250R PC map question

    I have a similar setup to you, except that I've done the ultimate airbox mod and the notoil air filter and cage. I've been running the map form the page below and my bike runs great. I don't feel like I need to go in for a Dyno tune. http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com/t11192-pcv-fuel-ignition-fuel-map-to-share
  6. mylesc

    New "Cone" pipe

    It's a regular unplated pipe that they run extra welds around to look like a cone pipe...
  7. mylesc

    YZ125 coolant leak

    If you suspect an issue with OEM o-rings, perhaps give a Cometic top end gasket kit a try. I've used them on the last 4 bikes with no issues.
  8. mylesc

    GYTR Flywheel - How to Torque?

    I use a lock up tool: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/989/6067/Steahly-Engine-Lock-Up-Tool?term=lock%20up%20tool
  9. mylesc

    Stainless Steel Coned pipe coming...

    Thanks, while I don't need a pipe, I will definitely buy one if they make them. I hate when pipes rust!
  10. mylesc

    How many brits are on here?

    Hi There, California (Petaluma to be exact) transplant as well, living in London for 5 months then going back to the states. I'm a huge 2 stroke fanatic! No bike here, and that's probably a good thing since I am recovering from a herniated disc in my back. Getting old sucks! Anyone from the London area going to the MXGP in May at Matterley Basin? Myles
  11. mylesc

    Stainless Steel Coned pipe coming...

    Any more info on the Tyga SS pipe?
  12. mylesc

    Let's talk skidplates

    My Hyde started to crack near a mounting hole after a year. I think that TM Designworks will be my next purchase
  13. I would recommend trying to use a contact cleaner that says it won't attack rubber or plastic. Remember that you have a crank seal under there and the stator windings are a varnish coated wire. Brake cleaner can sometimes damage rubber and plastic... Something like this: http://www.wd40specialist.com/products/contact-cleaner/
  14. I found this pic on the internet of a suzuki DR petcock vs the Acerbis supplied petcock that came with my tank. I opened up my tank with a file to fit a WR450 petcock, which has the 2 tubes similar to the DR unit pictured below. The front disc guard is a Cycra and it just barely fits over the EBC rotor. It rubbed a little at first, but the rotor wore a little groove in it and it does not touch now...
  15. The Good: - Allows the flattest seat of all the big tanks. - Provisions for second crossover petcock on right side if desired. The not so good: - No brass threaded inserts for petcock bolts. (Think big self tapping screws) - Does not take a standard Yamaha petcock. A round file opens things up to accept a Yamaha WR petcock with reserve. - Kickstarter rubs the tank and could be a problem if it wears through. (The newer tanks appear to have solved this) - Big freaking front section to smash your nuts on... All that being said, the flat seat is really a big deal to me so I can overlook the other short comings.