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  1. Ricky W


    Just post it Mate! if not me too. lol
  2. Ricky W

    Dented pipe affecting performance?

    i read a write up in Dirt rider magazine awhile back that talked about dented pipes. they did test over it with different pipes, they proved that some dents in the right place actually helped the performance of the bike. i tried to find it online but no luck. i will keep looking. and IMO i dont think a person could tell from a small dent if they where losing power or not.
  3. More air = more fuel. as long as its jetted right it will be fine. i have the whole top cut out of my airbox.3x3 3x4 4x4 doesn't matter. 3x3 refers to the E model Air box with the snorkle removed.
  4. ive seen that before. if you can have it welded cheap i would do that. rims are under 100 though.
  5. Ricky W

    300 e-start question

  6. Ricky W

    getting rid of E start.

    Hey all, im wanting to get rid of my E start system on my 08 300 xcw. i would like to just trade it off to someone with a 08 xc ignition cover and maybe a little boot. Any takers? the starter does need the brushes replaced but i have brand new ones to go with it.
  7. Ricky W

    First ride of the year under my belt

    man what a time! i would never take a 125 or a 250f to the dunes. always a 300,2t or 450,4t. its just really hard on little bikes.
  8. Ricky W

    Rock Tips

    yeah ive raced a few Occras, just dont like the way they run there system. you should race one of the Atvmotion races if your into the hare scrambles. they payout good for Expert class and always have great prizes and nice trophys right after the race. no waiting till the end of the year. they also dont have membership fees which i like and no transponders. they use a barcode scanner. i really think its going to overtake OCCRA soon if they dont change there ways.http://www.atvmotion.com/
  9. Ricky W

    What a difference!!

    i put the crf250 duals on my sm. bolt holes where a perfect fit also and i needed a mid pipe too so i made one out of an old header pipe i had. it sounds alot better. is your E older than 07? im assuming it has an fcr carb?
  10. Ricky W


    that big rubber thing hanging off the back off that bike at the last race would look great on your yz. it would quite it down for ya....
  11. Ricky W

    Rock Tips

    you Oklahoma guys race the black jack series? Or the Atvmotion hare scrambles?
  12. Ricky W

    Your best at home tire changing setup

    basicly what i do is use both spoons to pry down the tire past the stem hole in the rim exposing it to where i can just simply push the stem right through. put the nut on the stem and spray soapy water on the part of the tube where the tire has to come back over it. works every time and ive never had a stem rip off, even with cheap tubes. makes it alot easier than fiddling with the stem and fighting it in. ill try and post pics tomorrow for ya. a little hard to explain but i hope you get what im saying here.
  13. Ricky W

    Your best at home tire changing setup

    on the floor of the shop with two 10" spoons and soapy water to bead it up. i know an easy trick for getting the valve stem in but it would be really hard to explain it. let me know if your interested and ill try to explain in a pm. maybe post a pic.
  14. Ricky W

    help me figure out this leak..pics inside.

    as gmoss was saying you need #26 on this page http://cyclehuttktm.com/FicheFinderNew/FicheFinder.aspx part number 54830024000. its the inner clutch cover gasket leaking in your pics. not hard to replace with mechanical abillities. good luck!