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  1. hilltopper114

    Sunset Ridge MX

    also check out byron, they have a new hilltop track for quads & beginners, very tame jumps. www.motobyron.com
  2. hilltopper114

    Stock Clutch Kit

    We switched over to Rocky Mountain ATV Both sets of plates & springs were about $50.00 total, they work as well for us as stock did, somone here on TT gave us the advice, check archives.
  3. hilltopper114

    Anyone Clean Your Bike In A Car Wash

    Do it all the time coming home from practice, once I was too tired to unload from the back and just washed it in the bed of the truck, wasn't really muddy just wanted to get the layer of dirt off to make it easier to work on the next day.
  4. hilltopper114

    Look......no straps

    We also use the same system, but use D-rings in the floor so when we take the turnbuckles out they fit flush with the floor.
  5. hilltopper114

    Quick spoke question

    Remember..righty tighty - lefty loosy
  6. As dumb as this sounds on our chevy van when you engage the parking brake, it bypasses the trailer brakes, release the parking brake and all is fine.
  7. When you park try to back up to a post or wall where it makes it harder to open the rear doors
  8. hilltopper114

    having the right Priorities !!!

    The cool thing is he can probably watch the bike with the backup onboard video but it's only B&W
  9. hilltopper114

    Impellar Questions

    Since we added the boyseen we have not had any trouble with seals, but I thought if the hole is better why not add it, I think I will drop boyseen an email and see what they say. duh
  10. hilltopper114

    Impellar Questions

    On our '04 we replaced the impellar with a boyseen, and now the stock Honda06 models have a hole drilled in to help with seals, would this mod be needed on the boyseen or was it designed better to start
  11. hilltopper114

    '05 keeps running out of gas?

    try a new plug
  12. hilltopper114

    Hotstart Cable Removal

    try to get some wd-40 in there and let sit a little bit.
  13. Had a b2000 put 100k plus on it sold it and my friend put another 75k before the clutch went out $300.00 later he put more miles on it before it rusted out. We still own an MPV with 125k on it, Like any truck look it over all our mileage is highway, and you can't go wrong with either Nissan or Toyota.
  14. hilltopper114

    Sell me a 2 stroke

    99 ktm 125 sx in SE wisconsin, my 14yr old outgrew this bike $1100.00 or best offer have pix can email & willing to help with delivery.
  15. hilltopper114

    CRF450 aftermarket ignition stator

    You can also send it out for repair, check cycle news in the back, we always had 2-3 repaired for our Cobra's