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  1. oconnor

    A DRZ of sorts

    Dan- What tank are you using? Bugs- Very nice. I would love to get my hands on that pipe! Is that tank Aluminum? Know where I could order CCM parts?
  2. oconnor

    Best S/E to SM Conversion Pics

    SR to SM It's not the best and I beat it mercilessly.
  3. And it comes with a custom Yosh kickstand for dog's sake! I want one for the 400moto conversion I want to do next, like a mini gixxer thousand.
  4. oconnor

    No More Mini Parts...

    Time for revolution.
  5. oconnor

    LOOK here Small cc Bikes banned!

    "This law was created by Congress last August as a knee-jerk reaction to hazardous toys being imported from China (remember the Fisher-Price toy recalls)." Why inject your politics into a motorcycle thread?
  6. oconnor

    Trail Bikes 132cc Bore Kit

  7. oconnor

    Al swingarm and low pipe for CRF/XR100SM

    I've been eyeballing a CR85 for awhile too, just thought someone may like an alternative to the BBR unit.
  8. oconnor

    Al swingarm and low pipe for CRF/XR100SM

    Yes, I've seen it, not impressed.
  9. oconnor

    xr100 cam shaft

    That sounds like the way I'd go. or will go in the future with my 125 that seized in the steel bushing and broke the cam chain and bent a valve...
  10. oconnor

    Updated Pics of the XR100

    I think Micron had a volumizer similar to that on some of their street pipes...or maybe it was on the can...anyway sweet bike! I'd had it as my desktop for about a week now...
  11. Anyone looked at Over Racing? Pretty sweet and pretty expensive. Group Buy?! http://www.overracing.com/shop/HONDA-XR100-RACING-DOWN-MUFFLER_131414.html http://www.overracing.com/shop/HONDA-XR100-SWING-ARM-OV-TYPE_521401.html http://www.overracing.com/shop/SWINGARM-XR100_521411.html
  12. oconnor

    XL125 in a CRF100?

    Picked up the CRF100 today. I don't think the 125 can go any bigger that the 100 anyway but it is a six speed. I agree it seems more based off the 185/200 than the 80/100. Oh well, maybe I'll make it a roadracer now that I have a 25 year newer mini.
  13. oconnor

    CRF230F rear disc brake ?

    You could slot the outer and plug-weld it. That would be stronger than JB.
  14. oconnor

    XL125 in a CRF100?

    I'm looking at an 05 CRF100 this weekend and I have an old '81(CDI/6speed) XL125 in the shop. Anyone know if the motor mounts are close?
  15. oconnor

    Small adult bike or large mini?

    I have a KLX400. I just want a playbike, something easy to load in the Taco with his 50. We ride on a farm most of the time, no wide open areas so I need a smallish bike with good low-end. Right now I'm riding an old 70's Kawasaki 90 enduro (about the size of a 110). Plus the wife showed interest in trying a small auto-clutch playbike. I was also thinking I could give him the 110 and get something bigger when that time comes.