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  1. Euro price list and mods to the 17 models: TM RACING 2017 news 85/100 2stroke -New port timing -New cylinder nicasil plating -New crankshaft oil seals 125/144 2stroke -New port timing -New cylinder nicasil plating -Improved sealing system and sliding of the shock rod by optimization of clearances -Renewed High speed adjusting -Lightened frame 250/300 2stroke -Revised exhaust valve and new pulley to increase the valve cables lifetime... -Improved sealing system and sliding of the shock rod by optimization of clearances -Renewed High speed adjusting -New exhaust system volume -New port timing -New cylinder nicasil plating -Lightened frame 250/450 4stroke -Improved piston design to increase strength -New clutch plates -Improved sealing system and sliding of the shock rod by optimization of clearances -Renewed High speed adjusting -New cylinder nicasil plating -Lightened frame 450 SMX (Supermoto) -New standard lightened frame with “Racing” geometry -New standard fork with DLC coating MOTOCROSS Preis in Euro MX 80 Junior 14/17 € 5.490,00 MX 80 Junior 16/19 € 5.490,00 MX 85 Junior 14/17 € 5.490,00 MX 85 Junior 16/19 € 5.490,00 MX 100 Junior 14/17 € 5.550,00 MX 100 Junior 16/19 € 5.550,00 MX 85 21" / 19" € 6.890,00 MX 125 € 7.490,00 MX 144 € 7.690,00 MX 250 € 7.950,00 MX 300 € 7.990,00 MX 250 Fi KS € 8.650,00 MX 300 Fi KS new! € 8.790,00 MX 450 Fi KS € 8.850,00 MX 530 Fi KS € 8.950,00 MX with Kayaba 48 USD and TM Racing Shock MX junior Formula 39 fork and Extreme Tech Shock ENDURO Preis in Euro EN 125 € 7.790,00 EN 144 € 7.890,00 EN 250 € 8.190,00 EN 300 € 8.290,00 EN 250 Fi ES € 9.190,00 EN 300 Fi ES neu! € 9.290,00 EN 450 Fi ES € 9.190,00 EN 530 Fi ES € 9.190,00 EN with Kayaba 48 USD and TM Racing Shock
  2. You can still buy some leftover 25mm Öhlins TTX cartridges. If I were you I would invest my money in them. Good stuff, I have only heard good reviews about them in Marzocchi forks.
  3. hello, are the Nissin calipers interchangeable between CRs and newer CRFs? They look the same and although I know you might have a different caliper bracket on newer CRFs, would the caliper mount to my 2002 forks? I would like to replace mine as the pistons are starting to crack.
  4. Yeah I will move onwards to a VHM cylinder head if the bike stays and I don´t convert to TM with the 1/8l bike. Thanks for the info H4L.
  5. Short question: does the the 02 CR 125 have a domed or flat top OEM piston? Reason why I am asking is, I installed a ProX flat top and am experiencing an excessive squish band (1.7mm).
  6. It is on the lean side, I wouldn´t go any lower. You can counter adjust it with the air screw. Turn it in (close the circuit) to richen the mixture and see if it runs better. If it does, go to a 42. Usually 42 or 45 is good for your temperature and altitude. Pretty similar to what we have here.
  7. depends. What is your altitude and temperature?
  8. They usually strip paint from falling into sand on the right hand side. That way he can make it look like new.
  9. No idea about that mate. You´d be better off asking Ralf Schmidt at TM Racing USA.
  10. There are now new Pro Circuit pipes and silencers available through TM Racing USA. Enjoy the pics. Links: http://www.tmracing-usa.com/ http://www.tm-forum.de/index.php?/topic/9-pro-circuit-auspuffanlagen/#comment-508
  11. No you can not because the swingarm openings are made for the 25mm axle. Get new bearings and the matching collars. Have you measured the distance of the brake disc to the rear sprocket and checked if it is the same on the 04 wheel?
  12. Yeah, maybe if you can find a good gen 3 CR 250, that might be the way to go. I wouldn´t really stroke it because that´s very expensive. But a good tuner can make it really fast. I keep hearing good things about Varner, Pro Circuit, also KMPRacing on this forum is a very helpful guy who would really enjoy doing your motor I think. He had a few good feedbacks already.
  13. I guess finding a good 500 is a very hard task. Most of the stuff I see around is beaten to death. But that is just on the web and over here across the pond.
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