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    extreme enduro, and finding the biggest hill and climbing it
  1. yeah its weird, i got all that done and it still is being like that. I think it has to be the mapping on the fuel injection or somthing.
  2. I have bought a 2011 honda crf250r done up to the tits. And I think there is an injection problem, for one it doesn't start worth shit, just go the valves done and everything. For two when it does run, ill start it; and the thing wont let me crack the throttle without it totally stalling! Im aware that its NOT carbrarated but it seems like its running extremely lean. Any Mapping sujestions or possibly tuning in the injection? Any pointers is much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Jordan Reed
  3. iRaceKTM

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/6478092/ http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/6478080/ http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/6478068/ 2011 crf250r -Clark tank -Recluse on the way -Yoshurima on the way -v4 GRR -Moose bibs -Moose guards -Sunline break off leavers -Protaper windham bars -18"rear rim -LimeNine custom graphics Much More
  4. iRaceKTM

    2010/2011 Headshake

    I am considering changeing from ktm to honda simply for the 2011 honda crf250r; off-road wise is this a good dissision. How does the bike handle in an enduro enviroment? What should i do to the bike? Is it possible to get an electric start? Down hear in Canada our top enduro rider Jason Schrage stands by his honda. So it really got me thinking; could there be another bike out there ready to compete with KTM for the world of enduro? Jordan
  5. iRaceKTM

    350 sx-f as a trail bike?

    wait for the 2011 ktm 350 xc-f
  6. iRaceKTM

    2011 KTM 300 XC & XC-W differences

    if you want a strait answere. xc= agressive trail riding and mx xcw= long crosscountry riding. And more open trails. this coming from a sponcored guy who rides both.
  7. hi i am considering buying either a 2010 ktm 300 xc, or a 2010 ktm 450 xc-w. these are what i need out of a bike. i am a racer, i need a bike that can get me up hard hills. i want a lighter bike, that is 100% dependable. i can off a 2006 ktm 405 xc. does the 300 have to much jump. is it touchy, and i heard that it is more like a 4-stroke. is this true. i want your opinion. coming of a big 4-stroke. is the 300 a good choice for a hare scramble racer?
  8. iRaceKTM

    Questions for KTM 450 XC owners

    the 450 xc is amazing on trails, the only time my bike ever overheats is when im playing around. and by that i mean climbing cliffs and getting stuck. i have raced ktm for 6 years now and i have never had a better bike. this bike is amazing in the trails (even better with a gpr stablilzer) and has not once overheated on my in the heat of competition.
  9. iRaceKTM

    hare scramble bike

    id go with the ktm 450 exc, they have loads of power. and really they are very light. and they are the easiest to get on the street.
  10. iRaceKTM

    2006 ktm 450XC What is it?

    i'm an owner of a 2006 ktm 450 xc, and it works wounders in the bush. and dont be frightend by the "racyeir" genre of the bike. this bike is great for almost everone who is big enough to ride it. ive been riding 450s since i was 15 and this bike beats them all. now dont take me wrong hear, that bike is fast and will pop you up in any gear. but you can kick it into 2nd and just have a nice smooth ride. this bike is simply the best trial bike, but an even better race bike. i hope this helped
  11. iRaceKTM

    250XC-F or 250XCF-W

    all ktm products are made to pass green sticker. when building there bikes their only concerns are building you the bike of your dreams, and making them legal everywhere you go. as far as the bike situation. if you are spending time in the trees, you want the extra pop for the logs and hills. you dont want to worry about gearing down up the hills. but if your spending all your time out in the dessert, but alittle in the trees, the xcf-w would be the bike for you, have ridding both.