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  1. Been monitoring and waiting to see what all the thoughts are. I’ve ridden the 15 beta xtrainer and while it was a more linear power band, the bike itself was poorly built and felt like it was going to fall apart underneath me. This was on a beta demo event. Recently I rode a te150 husky with lowering link. This was an awesome full frame bike and had a great power band. Bonus is it’s lighter “dry” than the xtrainer. I’m surprised nobody is suggesting the 150 full frame bikes as an reasonable option.
  2. Mine didn’t work either after about a year. Never fixed it but I’ve heard it’s a fuse or relay issue. Can’t remember what but seen it on here.
  3. 18 months ago. New baby, new house and new responsibilities at work mean no riding for me.
  4. I raced a f with a 19" rear for years in the bush. Prefer the transmission over the wide ratio of the fx for racing. However if you have to blast down any roads to make your connections the wr transmission is where it's at.
  5. Are you responding to me? If so I'm talking about street stunt bikes. I expect the op is looking for a cage similiar to a street bike stunt cage for his fx.
  6. A steel framing system that mounts around your bike to protect the fairings after you crash. All stunt bikes end up on the ground and to prevent constant damage one installs the cage. Personally I've dropped my fx thousands of times. Little damage.
  7. I seem to recollect the fi needs the battery to run. Dead battery means no run. Pretty sure if you had it warm and you pulled the battery out it wouldn't start.
  8. Guards on but needed the spacers. I cut the top loop part off my number plate. Zero interference. Definitely bar pad is too wide.
  9. Works great for me too on tubliss around 8-10psi.
  10. I got the fancy Yamaha blue ones like max17 has pictured. Worth at least another $100. Lol
  11. Are you guys using your bar pad? I would like to keep a bar pad if I could.
  12. This is the exact reason why I didn't buy these hand guards years ago. I can't for the life of me figure which parts I need to buy. Why in the world wouldn't all parts necessary to install come together in the package. ...frustrating. So your saying I need to buy this spacer block now?
  13. On the bar mount between the guard and the mount bracket? These ones? I had no idea what these are for but it makes sense as that's about how far the mounts are out ...
  14. Lol. Probably did. I had watched them for a few years and they always seemed to be around that price. I decided this year to go for it and it was what it was.
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