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  1. Well I got the xrr sprocket today and put her on. It is on there really tight. Pain in the arse to get it seated enough to get the retainer on. Let's hope it holds for awhile so I don't have to split cases. I my sale it I don't know. I love the bike. Anyways thanks for all the info about it for all you guys that helped me out.
  2. I ride everyday to work 48 miles round trip.
  3. I just turned 53,430 on mine first rebuild was at 50k
  4. Well I waited to too long to check my shaft and now I'm in trouble. I ordered my xr650r sprocket to try it before anything else. If it doesn't work I'll put two small beads of weld on it. I am not going to split the cases as I just had the engine apart. Should of check it long ago.
  5. djr01974


    Those carbs as well as the 650l are very easily to get cleaned. How did you clean it? I would recommend pulling all the jets , the float needle and seat and making sure everything is clear. Clean all the ports in the carb body and use compressed air to blow it dry. I went threw 4 cans of break cleaner and one can of carb cleaner to get mine clean. Take the time and it will work. Just a little patience.
  6. djr01974

    Need some "outside the box" help on an odd issue

    Do one thing at a time. First pull off the air box than see if it will fire. If not put it back on than pull the pipe. I have found that if you do too many things at once you really don't know where to begin. Sounds like a jetting issue but I could be wrong. I know on a 2 stroke you need back pressure to run. But again I could be wrong it's been awhile since I've worked on 2 strokes. My stuff is all 4 strokes.
  7. djr01974

    noob 650L stock set up gas tank questions

    I have the Clark 4 gallon fits great with no problems and I get about 150 miles on a tank. I ride everyday on the freeway 70-75mph so I'm happy with it.
  8. djr01974

    I'm confused? Oil volume for change XR650L?

    What's works for me is I add 1qt start,shut her down add the 2nd qt and ride It around the block and recheck. You will find that after you ride it and shift threw the gears that you may have to add a little more.
  9. I ran d606 on my L with no problems. I run mostly freeways and average 42 miles round trip from home to work and back. I got 6000 on my d606 running 32psi . When I would ride desert I dropped them down to 18psi
  10. djr01974

    alignment problem or normal?

    Mine has been doing it slightly from day one. I have been told its because the weight of the battery and everything on the left side of the bike.
  11. djr01974

    Head difference/XR600R

    Yes your right if your putting a 650l head on a 600r jug. But in my case I put a 600r head on a 650l jug that already had the ports plugged after smog removal. No exhaust leaks of any kind.
  12. djr01974

    pro x pistons

    I've used them in 2 strokes but in my 650L I used the stock piston and rings
  13. djr01974

    Used Cylinder Head.. Ebay?

    From my understanding that area where the cam sits can be repaired. The thing you need to watch for are cracks in the combustion area. The 650l head is known for cracking . Mine was cracked I put a 98 xr600r head on mine. The head looks ok but you never know untill the machine shop looks at it.
  14. djr01974

    2003 Honda XR650L starting woes...

    Now when you say it shuts off does is act like it is running out of fuel right before it shuts off or does it act like somebody reached up and turned the key off. If its the latter of the two I would say its electrical and not fuel. You could be chasing your tail.
  15. djr01974

    Head difference/XR600R

    Xr600r and xr650l heads are the same. The difference is the 650l head has the smog ports and is a tad bigger on the cc's. I just put a 98 xr600r head on my 97 xr650l with no problem. I used the stock 650l head gasket. Cam will work valves are the same and so on. I even used my L valve cover. You should be fine.