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  1. mtdewguy333

    cr250 no power please help

    maybe try and rejet it.
  2. mtdewguy333

    Chosing a 250F

    i would defiantly get rid of your x if you are going to be doing jumps and what not. if i remember right the x has an electric start and possibly a headlight? my buddy has a 2007 crf250r and another buddy has a 2007 yz250f. the buddy with the Honda always has starting problems and not as much power IMO. i would look at a newer yamaha or i have heard kawisaki makes very good 250f bikes. hope i could help and good luck.
  3. mtdewguy333

    if you could have ANY 3 bikes...

    kx500af 2011 ktm 300exc 2001 kx250 with EG 300 big bore kit (soon to actually happen)
  4. mtdewguy333

    Rm, kx, yz, cr which handles best?

    i have a 2001 kx250 and i love it! it has a beastly engine! it handles pretty good too. i ride at a private track too and do alot of trail riding. if i where you i would get a 250. IMO they are the most versatile bikes out there. good luck!
  5. mtdewguy333

    Cutting plastics

    I trace a line with a marker or razor then use a drumel tool to cut it. It makes it quick and easy. Then I usually sand it to smoth it out a little. Good luck!
  6. mtdewguy333

    125 2t?

    I agree with the 250 2t. It is gonna be better for trails and I think you will be disappointed in the 125s power. Good luck
  7. mtdewguy333

    use a torque wrench or not

    Ya I really need to pick up a service manual. But I have heard some people torque their bikes correctly but the bolts end up getting loose so they just tighten them by hand.
  8. mtdewguy333

    use a torque wrench or not

    Alright thanks guys. I have asked all my buddies and all my buddies buddies and nobody has one. So what store could I rent one from? Also I have tried finding torque specs but can't find them. Could you guys help me out? I am riding a 2001 kx250
  9. Hey guys I am doing a top end rebuild and I was wondering if I have to use a torque wrench. My uncle and grandpa said to just tighten them in a star pattern without over tightening. Keep in mind they have both been working on bikes forever! I have heard of people that don't use them with no problems. Can you guys shed some light on this for me? Thanks!
  10. mtdewguy333

    Big newcomer

    ^^^^ I agree with the above post. Can't wait to get my kx250 sent to Eric gorr for a 300 big bore!!!! Oh ya. . . You will be able to keep up with your buddies very easy with a 250 or 300 2 stroke. I can destroy my buddies 500s, 525s, and 700 quads. Haha not trying to brag but it is just the truth. Good luck and be safe out there!
  11. mtdewguy333

    What Bike?

    The power delivery is going to be alot different. A 450 4t is going to be smother and you get better traction. A 250 2t is going to have snappy power but with more wheel spin. I love my 250 2t. I can keep up with my buddies 450s easily and smoke them in the trails. But most of it is just rider skills. (Once I bore mine out to a 300 there will be no chance for them haha) I also think 2t are more fun to ride but that's just my opinion, 4t are a blast to ride too. If I where you I would try and find somebody that has a 250 2t and test it out to see what you like better. Good luck and be safe!
  12. With 2000 to 2500 you can get a nice used Xr 250 or 400. I really the Xr bikes. They are fun to ride and basically indestructible! The klx bikes are nice too but I don't have as much experience with them. Now if you want a 2 stroke then the kdx is definitely the right bike unless you want to spend more money on a ktm. Good luck and be safe out there!
  13. mtdewguy333


    I would look around eBay if I where you. I got a full set of graphics for my kx250 for $62 shipped. It was a very good deal. Oh ya. . . If you just type in wr graphics on ebay you will get more results than typing in the specific model. Then just look for you year of bike. Good luck!
  14. mtdewguy333

    Crazy cr500af!

    here is a video of him riding it.
  15. mtdewguy333

    Crazy cr500af!

    if you go to the link i put up for youtube and go to his channel, there are a few videos of him doing wheelies down the street.