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  1. etownyzf

    MX De Nations on TV

    the mxon will be on the outdoorlife network on 10/26 at 8:30pm eastern-also the us open sx will be on cbs on 10/20 1:30pm eastern
  2. etownyzf

    Elsinore GP 2007 - anyone riding Huskys?

    goat breker cancels the gp to go supermoto racing with troy lee-racerxill
  3. etownyzf

    husky cr 125 black rims?

    I tried to find black ones for an 04 and was told they dont make them but my husky dealer said he could get them from huskagiva for 300 bucks each [ouch!!]but you could send them out and get yours anodized
  4. etownyzf

    Knee surgery question

    just read your post junr-yeah same here,my pt peeps had me pulling myself around on a scooter seat with the bad knee-same thing though no acl and you need a stronger hamstring -helps hold the joint together-f knees im trying not too hurt one again-just had a tib fib compound combo-didn't hurt half as bad as ripping your kneee out of the socket lmao.
  5. etownyzf

    Knee surgery question

    i have no acl-tore that with a bunch of other damage-make your hamstring real strong get a brace (cti2) and get back to riding
  6. etownyzf

    hunting season

    i think bow season is going on now till mid dec,but you'll have better luck bagging one with you car
  7. etownyzf

    anyone know

    cmon down to etown,lol its not really close to maine but it was 65 today-racewaypark.com
  8. etownyzf


    redrider-i have a place in aiken sc-moving soon,me and some budds where down for the atlanta sx we rode durhamtown-fun mx track,too easy though-aioniapass was pretty good nice outdoor track and a small sx track with lights,real nice place-and we went to turkeycreek mx (15-20min from augusta-in sc that track was really good too, they dont race there just a practice place-what race district are you in?does the district have a website?i need to get my dist. card and #'s thanks for any help
  9. etownyzf

    front tire for etown?

    ummmm steve?a tire from a 450 is too big for your 125 bro
  10. etownyzf

    found a cool place to ride

    dude you drove right by the sign that says NO RIDING $1000 fine lol,yeah ive ridden there a bunch-pretty good pit i guess-theyve cracked down because 50 dudes on quads will show everyweekend from newyork& make a big mess of the place-usually we'll stop riding if cops show-then they throw all the quads out-then they leave then we ride again.
  11. etownyzf

    Evensville for sale

    1.2 mil is nothing for that place-its like 80 acres big house, garages,equipment mxtrack c'mon-i'd buy it but im moving south-F winter!!
  12. etownyzf

    front tire for etown?

    756's rule at etown!!!!-hey honda88 be careful with that maxxis it in front-not too great in the mud
  13. etownyzf

    #89 down...

    wakerider087-i did a tib fib ankle compound fracture oct31st-i can walk-stills hurts pretty good-ridden a little-but i cant really start racing -just the tib id say would be 4months-mine will be 6-weight bearing bones need longer to heal i guess
  14. etownyzf

    NJORVP Friday 18th

    well they'll never get my 300 bucks again,the main reason-you cant bring non members with you during the week-i would like to be able to come ride with you guys and could care less if its 50bucks a daybut they dont allow it during the week and who wants to ride there on the weekend ?(too crowded)
  15. etownyzf

    hospitals suck

    yeah steve he (brian)cartwheeled it on the start of the 2nd 125 b moto messed up the float i guess made it start boggin,we fixed it for schoolboy then he went out got a good start (3rd) fell in the back to 5th charged back up to 2nd then he just ran out of laps but went 1 , 2 for the overall-good race,you racing saturday?