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  1. ive been quoted at 5300 here in WV by two dealers.
  2. I live in Morgantown....Hope to have either a drz400 or a yz450f tard soon.
  3. I beleive its Devil who makes that exhaust
  4. Im interested in getting a KTM 560 smr for road race and sm track days. I have read that quite a few of these bikes have had their crank bearings fail in low hrs of use (most in less than 25 hrs of use). Does anyone hear have any info if this is correct. Are these maybe caused by bad maint. or is there a known issue with the katooms? thanks!
  5. www.motorcycleonline.com is claiming the RXV 450 is gonna cost $8199 anybody have other info?? http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=2717&Page=1#
  6. I want to trade my 2001 yz426f for a 250 four stroke of any kind...a WR or YZ will be fine....year really doesnt matter as long as its in good condition. if anyone is willing let me know and maybe we can set something up PM me for details about the bike
  7. the job would be at the Air Guard Base... what is the weather like year round?
  8. what is it liek to live in Vermont? I mignt be gettign a job in Burlington....any advice?
  9. Im in wheeling....have no real good idea where to ride here either
  10. they kicked my jets out of the flyover for the stealth bomber......we had to do the CARB day flyover....bummer
  11. whats the remedy for the abrupt power delivery??? I need to cure that on mine?
  12. Where is this dealer??? Who is your salesman??? I need the number just so I can call and "check" it out....hehe
  13. thanks guys.....I have been riding in 22C degree temps...Jetting seems right on, but I get the feeling when its starts getting really hot this summer I will need to use the hot start.
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