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  1. get the TMD skid plate. its tough as nails and dosnt distort when it gets hit hard.
  2. i have a yoshi on my 2011. it dosnt require a remap but it does run on the lean side without one. i prefer the look and sound to the fmf but both are good choices.
  3. just rebuilt my 2011 with 10w fork oil. after making a huge mess and lots of cursing i have a damper that actually helps. it isnt as good as a gpr or scotts but 6 bucks for a bottle of oil is much better than 500 for a damper.
  4. suzuki did bring back their 2t bikes for a bit. might have just been old bikes from a warehouse and companies like ktm and husqvarna never stopped updating theirs.
  5. 01 CR250 but they all work the same for the most part.
  6. im in the same boat. i have a pwk but not with the wings. and then i need the rad valve too. the whole thing would cost me like 600 for everything. maybe ill make out at a casino or something
  7. looks like maybe part of the gear selector peaces. http://www.husqvarnaoutlet.com/parts_fiche i wouldnt try to run the bike like that.
  8. i know 01 would fit. i think thru 04 also but you would have to check the part numbers
  9. i would say any 250 4-stroke or 125 2-stroke i learned on a 250 2-stroke and just used some self control. just depends on what the kids like.
  10. i use sae 80 gear oil golden spectro and ive been on the same clutch with no blueing and no slip for 5 years now.
  11. so i just got off the phone with him. the theory is sound, i wont say the application isn't but im not sure. the way it works is when the reeds close it creates a pulse that gets sent into the carb going the wrong direction. this mod takes that pulse and harnesses it and returns it to the system going the right direction when the reeds are open. you have to send him your carb so he can mod it. also he said it wont work well with the vforce reeds. he prefers boysen reed valves which he also slightly modifies. he said fuel consumption is slightly increased with normal riding and slightly decreased when wide open. i may have to try it out. even if all it does is make less carb work for me id be happy. if it really does what he says the why ever get a different bike.
  12. this is what i asked this morning : does the engine still get fuel/air from the carb? or is this like fuel injection. also does it need to be adjusted for elevation. this is what i got back: Thanks for your interest, First and most important, carburetor setup is included with your purchase ($239 Visa or Master Card). I fit the jet tube and do all the custom mods including a special needle. The air-fuel flow through your stock intake jackhammers back and forth. This pulsating not only robs you of power, it messes with jetting and makes your carburetion more sensitive to weather conditions. The Power Jet Intake is high velocity Path of Least Resistance Continuous Flow system. High Velocity Continuous Flow Induction ( CFI ) pumps it own barometric pressure, thus it is not effected by altitude. However, a rider in mile high Denver will have a slightly leaner base line setup than someone at sea level. Another sweet feature of Pulse Charging is that all the needed adjustments are made by just turning the air screw. No more moving the needle clip or changing jets when the weather changes, ¼ of turn does it all. I use Zip Tie’s big blue air screw. It’s easily adjusted, even with your gloves on. Now for the fuel injection question. I obviously like high tech stuff. However, injection squirts the fuel, ok injects, the fuel whereas a carburetor mixes air and fuel even before it enters the intake track. This oxygen rich, homogenized mixture make for a more complete burn. This is why carburetors make more power. Eliminating the problems associated with carburetion and using the energy to Pump Up the Power is not only better than injection, it’s low cost and bolt on. By the way, Power Jet Induction also works excellent on fuel injected 4-stroke bikes, but there is no way they can run with a Pump Up 2-stroke! Ron, Pulse Engineering i like the concept and if jetting works like he says it might be a good deal. he also gave me his number so he dosn't seem afraid to talk about it. might be a good xmis gift for myself.
  13. so i know this is months after the fact but i just found this thing on ebay. from what i can tell all the mod does is try to harness any gasses moving the wrong direction and turn them around. the idea would be to make the fuel delivery more exact (which is silly with a reed valve). or maybe it just tries to recycle any air/fuel that didnt make it through the reeds before they close. too bad he dosnt have a website. at the least its an interesting little mod.
  14. if the only reason you are swapping is cosmetic buy some steel wool and clean em up. spend the money on some springs and valving.
  15. i just use superglue. the gel type. and a ton of it. as for muffler packing the fmf stuff seems to work well for me.
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