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  1. cainbivins

    Cr acting weird!

    Whats up with all the welding on the case?
  2. Nope, it doesn't take much pressure to bend back. I went from melting the fender to a few inches of clearance without much fuss, I don't even think I unbolted any of the pipe mounts.
  3. My pipe ends up like this from landing on logs, usually i just take a piece of wood 2x2 and slide it behind the 180 degree bend so you leverage the expanion chamber and the 90 degree bend exiting the cylinder, a few good pushes downward and it will be good as new. My bike is a 2000 so I dont have to worry about breaking the flange so that would be a consideration.
  4. cainbivins

    Rear shock piston ring

    I installed a Pivot Works piston ring and had the same issues, took it out and used a piston ring from Honda and shock works as it should. I didn't check the Pivot Works ring before I installed it but when I took it out it was probably half a mm wider than the Honda ring. It looked fine on the piston but compared to the stock ring it wasnt fully seated in the piston groove.