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  1. Muffintop

    why doesnt the bottom of my air filter seal???

    It doesn't matter what brand you have, if you install it incorrectly you will suck dirt. My old man did it on his 200 and smoked the motor. Whenever I do a filter I put the cage up to the mating surface without the filter on and make certain I have it going on the right way and that there are no gaps. Hell even clip the thing in there and run your finger around the edge. That is one thing I liked about the old YZ's, the wing nut to tighten down the filter cage made sure it had a nice tight seal.
  2. Muffintop

    Best way to store Kerosene

    I keep it in a home depot bucket, if you arent going to strain it every 10 uses or so you need to have some sort of platform in the bottom of the bucket to keep the sludge from getting on the filter when you drop it in.
  3. Muffintop

    Financing New Bike or Buy Used?

    If you can barely afford a down payment and/or monthly payments then it's a dumb idea. But I asked myself if a brand new bike would add some happiness to my life and now I have a new bike. Everybody situation is different, some can afford to spend money on toys, others may have other stuff that is higher priority. That's why I'm still single LOL.
  4. Muffintop

    Auto Clutch Hate

    Who the hell cares what other people have on their bike? I just want mine to run better than theirs and that's all I care about.
  5. Muffintop

    Cycra Probend CRM Handguards

    Going for a ride tomorrow I can let you know..
  6. Muffintop

    2018 TE 250 Power valve adjustment?

    So does turning the adjuster in (clockwise) make the power valve open sooner then? (More hit)
  7. Muffintop

    Vforce 4 reeds on 2018 300 xc

    Someone on here will assure you it can I'm sure. 🤣
  8. Muffintop

    2018 TE 250 Power valve adjustment?

    Even though it's a square drive? 🤔
  9. Muffintop

    2018 TE 250 Power valve adjustment?

    What do you use to turn the adjuster?
  10. Muffintop

    MX Tech AER leaf spring mid valve

    Hey fellas, could an average joe install this himself by chance? I've been wanting to dip my toe in the suspension tuning/rebuilding realm. I just got a 19' TX300 with 7 hours on it so far. I'd love to give it a try. I think I will by the Race Tech bible, a good vise and some specialty tools and see what I can do. Does anyone have any advice on the MXT leaf and getting started in general?
  11. Muffintop

    Auto Clutch Hate

    Yeah I have a couple trails that I frequent that have gotten popular and there are quite a few blown corners and spots where guys just go straight instead of hitting the corner. Really man? I understand that aspect of it totally.
  12. Muffintop

    Auto Clutch Hate

    I don't understand why everyone hides their trails like they own them or something. The dirtbike channel guy is local to me and people always ask what trails he's riding and he always dodges the question its funny.
  13. Muffintop

    Does this sound like Power valve rattling

    It doesn't slap if you keep it pinned! Wise words from my brother after I mentioned his chain that was way too loose.
  14. Muffintop

    Gear oil change

    If you abuse the clutch quite a bit maybe 10 hours, 15-20 if you don't.
  15. Muffintop

    Does this sound like Power valve rattling

    Sometimes the exhaust springs will vibrate if they have stretched over time. Might be time to replace if they seem loose at all. I'm just kinda pulling possibilities outta my ass here as you can see. Usually if something is wrong inside the engine it will make the sound constantly. Two strokes just vibrate sometimes you get something that has come loose but most times its not anything major. If I had a nickel for every thread posted on "what is this sound my two stroke is making" I could probably retire. Pull the powervalve apart if it concerns you that much.