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  1. MediumDriver

    Ryan Dungey cares about team USA golf

    Maybe you could give me a list of RD's participation in said event...?
  2. MediumDriver

    Ricky Graham Flat Track Documentary

    Thanks for putting that up, will check it out tonight.
  3. MediumDriver

    JGR Done!

    Also weird how the GP bike has a custom frame, swing arm and pretty much everything else.... Coincidence? No...
  4. MediumDriver

    Alex Martin

    No, no... the spelling, punctuation, and use of the English language seem too strong in this one... He'll never stick.
  5. MediumDriver

    What we just seen

    I hate to be that guy, but someone really should point out you didn't "Just seen," anything.... Oh, the OP? Sweet jesus.... Carry on.
  6. MediumDriver

    I'm calling it 1-2-3 KR-CW-RD

    This ^^^^ Can't even read the rest of the thread past post #2....
  7. MediumDriver

    Herlings good read

    The guy is a beast. I have a sneaking suspicion that he'll be very, very, good on the 450. I'd like to see more guys from the US head to Europe to be honest... But there are very few Americans who are brought up with a more global view, it's all about what's happening here. Maybe the grind of the AMA schedule will entice some more guys like Covington to head over.... but I doubt it, SX just has too much financial draw.
  8. MediumDriver

    Jessy needs our help

    Also donated... Let's keep it coming.
  9. MediumDriver

    Motocross AC Injury Update

    Well that was a nasty digger.... but this from Adam this morning: http://racerxonline.com/2016/09/04/adam-cianciarulo-update?utm_medium=RSS&utm_source=Feed&utm_campaign=Breaking+News+-+Racer+X+Online&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Hope it is how he says it is, and will be OK...
  10. MediumDriver

    The AMA's 3rd best guy

    Is being this predictably myopic hard work, or does it just come naturally?
  11. MediumDriver

    It was an AMERICAN

    If you like the underdog, then say so, but writing a post like OP is ridiculous at best, and just fishing... Convington in a "B" level guy in the GP's at best most weekends, and Herlings is most certainly not... Ever see that kid ride? I have, most impressive thing I've seen on two wheels. Awesome Thomas got a moto win, but context is important.
  12. MediumDriver

    It was an AMERICAN

    Clearly you jest.... because if you do not, well, never mind.
  13. MediumDriver

    Replace Anderson with Phil

    Oh my.... drinking and posting are we? I love Phil, but come on.
  14. MediumDriver


    Same here. You can go to Dailymotion.com to get them
  15. MediumDriver


    Yeah, Eli wouldn't have had anything for Kenny this year... Even at his best Eli is never going to make a whole season mistake free, as we have seen. Kenny was on a whole other level this season regardless of what everyone else was doing. Moving on.