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    For sale. 2002 WR400/426 transmission. I bought this trans to convert my son’s ‘05 YZ250 to wide ratio but have changed plans and now selling the bike. All parts show hardly any signs of wear. $250 firm. Located in the IE 909/951


    Highland, California

  2. ChuckZilla

    EXC-F Electrical Power

    Baja designs specs '12-'17 EXC's at 195 watts. https://www.bajadesigns.com/tech-info/KTM-Power-Output-Chart.asp
  3. I'm doing a CRF front end conversion on my '97 XR600 and while acquiring parts I've run across some differences. I have a fork and triple clamp setup and was given an axle, which has correct diameters, but is 1/2" too short. I need an axle 9 1/2" long. Can anyone tell me which year range of CRF's takes a 9 1/2" axle? Thanks for any help Chuck So Cal
  4. ChuckZilla

    Trials tire

    This is my first time with a tire of this type, time (and miles) will tell. I should also mention that I'm new to dual sporting so my knowledge is still growing.
  5. ChuckZilla

    Trials tire

    About 15lbs, and it does feel a little soft. That's my typical dirt pressure, might take it up to 17-18 for DS.
  6. ChuckZilla

    Trials tire

    I just mounted a Motoz Mountain Hybrid on my 600. Only put 60 miles on it so far but I sure as hell like it a lot more than the Trakmaster that was on the bike when I bought it. When I gas it coming out of a turn on a fire road the tire will shift a little then set, unlike the unpredictable Trakmaster.
  7. ChuckZilla

    Does anyone know..........

    The answer is yes, they work perfect.
  8. ChuckZilla

    No compression on 2008 YZ450F

    When you had the cam cover off did you check to see if the decompression actuator is sticking or does it move freely?
  9. ChuckZilla

    Does anyone know..........

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I think the 09 hex plugs are aluminum, but aluminum has to be harder than plastic. I looked around and the aftermarketers specify 06-09 so I'm assuming they fit. I'll order some and see what happens.
  10. ChuckZilla

    Rotella 15w-40?

    Rotella is not designed for use in transmissions. Run a motorcycle specific synthetic like Mobil 1 4T or one of the Amsoil oils. I was running Rotella in my 06 450 and the cam chain stretched and the bike skipped time. There was no damage to the head or piston. Since I bought the bike used I decided to have the motor torn down and assessed by an expert. The first thing my mechanic asked me was what kind of oil I was using in a somewhat sarcastic tone. I said Rotella, he was like no dude don't run that stuff. There is an oil analysis article floating around the internet that compares all the typical oils that are used in the modern 4 strokes and Rotella didn't do well at all compared to the others. I love Rotella in my Duramax but won't use it in my bike.
  11. ChuckZilla

    "06 yz450f noise after rebuild

    New cam chain?
  12. If the hex head inspection plugs for the stator cover from an 09 YZ450 will fit in an 06 stator cover? The 06 has the plastic slotted screwdriver type where the 09 has allen hex steel plugs I believe. Mine are kind of torn up. Anyone?
  13. ChuckZilla


    Go big or go home? Are you choosing an engine size in your next bike or trying to live out some lame ass saying?
  14. ChuckZilla

    06 YZ450 Engine Noise (big surprise I know)

    Try running some race gas mixed to rule out pre ignition, ya never know. Personally I think being on the bubble to bottom end the bike or ride it until it goes is bad planning, have you any idea how much it costs when one of these motors goes boom? My bike made a distinct tick on decel before it shut off completely, that turned out to be a sloppy cam chain and big end rod bearing going south. I couldn't have gotten luckier, and I hope the same for you.
  15. ChuckZilla

    06 YZ450 Engine Noise (big surprise I know)

    How long since you changed the cam chain? Have you checked the current cam chain stretch level? You get about 4 1/2 turns of adjustment from the tensioner from full retract to full extend, knowing this you can determine the current chain condition. My 06 was making some noise like you describe then jumped time, didn't turn out bad but it was time to rebuild my motor anyway.