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    Trail riding, trout fishing, horticulture, hang gliding, snow boarding, skateboarding...
  1. xlntdrvr

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    Great review. I want one! My last bike was an '08 crf450x. I've been waiting for some reviews on the new model...
  2. xlntdrvr

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Beautiful machine, good score buddy!
  3. xlntdrvr

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Fine looking bike!
  4. xlntdrvr

    Honda CRF450X Rider Reviews

    Loved my '08 450x. Had a unexpected get off into a boulder, and broke my scapula, (shoulder blade), right in two painful pieces. Had to ride 5 miles back to the truck that way. Fully wrapped at the time in a Leatt chest protector/neck brace ; )
  5. xlntdrvr

    Favorite Tie Down Straps

    Yup, Protaper are the best! Soft loops can go around anything and not bugger it. No ratchet. Best accessory yet!
  6. xlntdrvr

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Sweet frame job! Honda should do this...
  7. xlntdrvr

    Mangled knee. ***blood inside****

    Bummer man, that looks painful!
  8. xlntdrvr

    Honda CRF450X Rider Reviews

    I went from an '02 XR400 to an '08 450X. I loved my XR, but after getting some hours on this X, what XR?! This bike just flat gets it on though all the gears, and handles like a dream! I am blown away by the improvements in one model newer. It's like this one goes to eleven. Great bike for sure!
  9. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

    trollope, garage queen, as they say here! I don't want to be the first one to drop it, but I probably will : )! I have only put 10 miles on her. Cold and wet right now. So I haven't had the pleasure of doing any services yet. Got a gallon of Honda oil/filter on the way, and air filter is good. I will do that now!
  10. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

    (They're called Garacross)
  11. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

    Thanks lucati! It has low hours for sure. Previous owner put a brand new set of Pirelli mt 16's on it. Great tires, too!
  12. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

  13. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

    That is so cool of you! Thanks, I have spoken with some California boys, and they are super helpful, and know their business. I will definitely get into some fine tuning. I am waiting for the holidays to be over, then I'm gonna hit em up. I put a fuel screw on my old 90 DR350, and that was the easiest bolt on mod I ever did ; )
  14. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

    DMC707, thanks for the info! What would the recommended specs for jetting be? I was under the impression, that changing the jetting would only be necessary if I was to open the airbox, and put on a different exhaust system?
  15. xlntdrvr

    Got a new to me '08 crf450x

    Okay, I got two days of sunshine recently. Took my new (to me) bike out for a little test ride. I was pleasantly surprised at the power, and sweet suspension on this machine! Way better on both as compared to my '02 xr400. The '08 crf450x, is everything I had hoped for! Awesome bike, and being bone stock, is no handicap for now. I accelerated a bit too hard on take off, and found myself one one wheel without trying : ). I think I'm gonna ride it a bit, at least until I'm a bit more used to it, before I uncork it, or do any mods. I love this bike!