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  1. I'm thinking the exact same thing. IMHO, it doesn't matter what type of motor it is. If you beat on it, and don't do preventative maintenance, this is what will happen. I'm betting this was staged. No less morbidly impressive, but still. The rod snapped right? The exact same thing can happen to a 2 stroke. I've seen them go, they aren't as theatrical, but they still go. The hatred for the modern 4 stroke is really misplaced. Before anyone thinks I'm starting a stroke war, calm down. I've got a KX 80 in the garage beside my 450, and it's an absolute blast to ride. I like 2 strokes too, just tired of hearing "4 strokes are really expensive grenades with wheels" Y'know what costs just about the same for 2 strokes and 4 strokes? Fresh gas, good oil, clean air filters, and a manual. Keep those in check, and this scenario will very likely never happen to you.
  2. hodgey450

    I really do have a 450

    Before 2006, Honda's impeller on the 450 had one hole; the threaded one in the center that attached it to the impeller shaft. the issue, (some have had it, some haven't) was that as the cooling system ran, coolant would drip out of the weep port on the bottom of the pump housing. This was due to cavity pressure building up in the impeller housing, pushing past the water pump seal. By drilling a .125 (1/8") between 2 of the fins, halfway in from the outer edge on the face of the impeller, this reduces the pressure built up in the housing by equalizing it in front of and behind the impeller; effectively taking pressure of the outer/water pump seal. It is very easy to do. It doesn't reduce coolant pump ability, and doesn't throw the impeller off balance. You could just as easily buy the impeller for an '06 CRF, but if you have a 1/8" drill bit, and a half-hour, it's free!
  3. You don't need to split the cases to replace the cam chain or sliders. For sure replace your intakes with Stainless Steel valves; the clock is ticking on the Ti valves as soon as you start shimming them. The best thing for longevity of valves in these bikes is avoidance of constant rev-limiter, fresh gas, and clean air filter.
  4. hodgey450

    Hot Rod cranks

    +1 for Wiseco pistons! I've driven by their facility many times, I live about 45 minutes from Mentor. I used a Wiseco piston on my very first rebuild of my Yamaha Blaster, 10 years back, and there's a Wiseco piston in my CRF450R. My bike also has a HotRods crank. I have nothing negative to say about it, either. Great product. both are quality items from good sources, and I use them both confidently!
  5. hodgey450

    opinions: 2003 cracked frame repair or...

    I recommend a shop manual, digital camera, well-lit, clean workspace, and a LOT of zip-loc bags. As far as disassembly, I started by pulling the tank, shrouds, subframe. From there it was the swingarm/rear suspension, motor and carb, coolant lines and wiring, front suspension, then all the little bits and pieces. You can leave your front suspension (forks, triple clamps and handlebars) as one unit for ease of reassembly. I would focus on pulling the bodywork first, after you get that and the subframe off, it's pretty easy to see what has to come off or apart. Take your time, think it through, and you'll be good to go. If you get stuck, just ask on here:thumbsup: One note: If you decide to pull the motor completely assembled, (i did) there's a bit of a trick to getting it out of the frame: tough to describe, but basically, you have to lift it straight up, then rotate the bottom end to the side to get the top end clear of the upper frame rails. Sorry if that's not much help. It's not hard to get the motor out, just a little tricky. Make sure your shifter is off, and the rear brake pedal is out of the way.
  6. hodgey450

    How powerful?

    to each their own, i guess. I respect the 2 stroke motors for what they are: antiques! (kidding...kind of) But the OP was asking about 450R's, not your bike... As far as my "package" goes...really?? juvenile much? go change your powerband!
  7. hodgey450

    How powerful?

    that's true, but I'm willing to bet that the difference isn't night and day, it's more like Shetland pony and Stallion...I've got a kx 80 as well as my 450. The kx 80 is a "little handful", it's a snappy little machine for my 180 pound ass. The 450 is more like sitting aboard a Tomahawk cruise missile...it just flat out rips. i haven't been scared of a machine since I was 7 and crashed my mini-bike into a tree. the CRF scares me pretty good. Ya gotta realize the power of these things. The "R" model is a race bike, plain and simple. I still say if the OP has his heart set on a large bore thumper, go with the "X" model. For the "R" model, go with a 250. Too much of a jump. Just my $.02
  8. hodgey450

    opinions: 2003 cracked frame repair or...

    that's the best option right there. My old frame is sitting in the basement. that's the only reason i'm hanging on to it.
  9. hodgey450

    First time at a track...

    The great thing about motocross is that 99.99% of the people there, are willing to do what it takes to get a fellow rider out on the track. Whether it's been helping someone push a bike up a rain-soaked ramp into their truck, or a complete stranger riding up and asking if I'm o.k., it makes you want to "keep it going"... the other .01%? they're that lady that sits by the truck reading a book. they don't care one way or the other:busted:
  10. hodgey450

    opinions: 2003 cracked frame repair or...

    As far as I know, yes, 02-04 frames are compatible. The frame swap is easy; Honda does a great job making this things easy to work on. Took me a long afternoon, pulling motor, forks, swingarm, and bodywork, etc. and mounting it on the new frame. for what it's worth, a frame swap is the better route, in my opinion. And if you can't get the title with the frame, if and when you decide to sell it, providing a bill of sale with reason for VIN differences, should be good enough for anybody interested in purchasing it. Good luck man!
  11. hodgey450

    84 XR500 build in progress. W/pics

    Wow...that's all I can say...this is one of the most original, well-thought-out, clean builds I've ever seen! No lie! The fact that you have done this in an apartment room, and after hours in metal shops blows my mind. I wonder what you'd be capable of with purpose built tooling in a custom shop; you obviously have the talent and vision for it, and for the resources at your disposal, DAMN!!! This bike looks like it could be displayed at a show. Like, built by a team of engineers as a concept/one-off bike...awesome job, man. You make garage-built bike owners everywhere proud.
  12. hodgey450

    opinions: 2003 cracked frame repair or...

    I feel for ya, indy16. I have an '04 R that had a crack in the EXACT same spot. I mean identical! I took the bike, (halfway disassembled for ease of access to the area needing repaired) to a local "welder" who looked at it and said, "Oh yeah, that's no problem to fix!" Well, for a competent TIG operator it might not have been a problem, but for this retard, it must have been impossible, because he ended up destroying the frame...I could have choked him, right then and there. But I calmly told him I wasn't paying him $100 for ruining a frame, loaded the bike up, suggested that he re-assess his skills, and went home. I ended up buying another frame from a guy here on TT. Bolted everything on to it and haven't looked back... Moral of the story: make sure the guy taking a welder to your bike knows what he's doing, or buy a good replacement. Sorry to hear about it either way, though.
  13. hodgey450

    Right hand turn help

    small update: ended up tying in the practice area I was carving into the rest of the trail that runs the perimeter of the woods; so basically I have the option to make a series of right-handers around the "course", or left-handers. There is 2 flat turns, 2 rutted turns, and 1 mean-ass, tree root-covered sweeper. I hate this turn, left or right. I try to practice them like I would if I was at the track, even though I'm in the woods... I've been running the same turns to the right as i do to the left, and one thing sticks out in mind when doing this. I seem to be further back on the bike when turning to the left, and more forward on the bike "attempting" to go right. I wish I could just chuck the bike over to the right like I can to the left. I know I'm over-thinking this (one of the many side effects of working with engineers 10 hours a day:busted:) but the body position location on the bike is not my imagination. Any suggestions or explanations on that? Thanks for the pointers, one and all.
  14. I usually don't watch the entire video when they get posted, but I did this time...I really enjoyed watching this! The editing was great, the footage was even better. I imagine riding on loose mulch would be a blast, kind of like snowboarding on fresh powder? Nice base, with a few fresh inches on top; that sounds like so much fun. Envious, super envious:worthy:
  15. hodgey450

    New smoker and track building help in nw washington

    Looks like it could be a great track! Nice bike too! What's the overall length of your track going to be, tentatively? Hat's off to you, man. Building your own track is no small endeavor. I spent 1/2 the summer clearing some trails in my woods, just to have a spot to ride a kx 80 through; and it's still not much to speak of. It's a lot of work, right?! Lucky with that tractor, regardless of it's size. I'd love to have a patch of land to make a track/ practice area on. The thought of not having to load and drive to a ride spot is awesome. Keep at it man, keep posting up pics, and be sure do "surface analysis tests" with your new bike!