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  1. cory201

    Supercross MPH

    Thats gotta be 55+ from that point in the video.
  2. I also agree with putting the stock plastics back on. Ive also never been a fan of black plastics.
  3. The East Lites definitely started out amazing so far. Im really excited to see the race tonight.
  4. Its kinda true I guess...when I joined this site I had a 07 CRF250R...I no longer have it and currently have a 03 CR250R. Oh well...
  5. Sweet man, did it come with the pink?
  6. Yep, way overpriced. Theres a reason its been sitting on the floor for 4+ years. Dont be the sucker to buy it. I wouldnt pay more than $4500 OTD for it, but if AK has a higher premium than add whatever that premium is ontop of $4500.
  7. Get the XCF. I also hate wide ratio gearboxes.
  8. cory201

    Ocotillo Wells

    As long as you avoid busy riding weekends, ocotillo wells is amazing. On big, busy weekends however, stay FAR FAR away from that place.
  9. cory201

    seely to ride canard's 450

    He will do fine. I would guess he finishes anywhere from 5th-10th.
  10. cory201

    Prepping your bike for Selling

    Agreed, if you hear this then the seller is most likely an idiot and hoping that you are too.
  11. cory201

    It's official...2012 fails to live up to 2011

    Its highly unlikely that 2012 will be as good as 2011. Who knows though...its racing anything can happen.
  12. cory201

    Little Stewart?

    It was great. Tonight was the best racing of the season by far.
  13. cory201

    Hard Core Hill Climb Crash

    Thats my favorite part. They nearly had the sled land on them repeatedly, in a pathetic attempt to stop the sled from rolling a few more times, for no reason whatsoever.
  14. cory201

    Does Dungey think God makes him fast?

    Id like to give thanks to the man above for my in-n-out cheeseburger tonight. It was delicious and nutritious. Id also like to thank the man above for my Stewie Griffin pajamas, they are awesome.
  15. cory201

    why is everyone so pissed at CBS

    No supercross for us this week. Golf has taken its place.