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  1. FastestIndian

    The Single Best DRZ 400 Headlight Upgrade

    A picture of the light output with HID 4500k.
  2. FastestIndian

    yz 125 for my girl?

    Get it. if its runs well and If she can reach the ground to kickstart. My gf likes the 125 and she is a way new rider.
  3. FastestIndian

    Post pics of your CR's

    The previous owner bought them they are brand new ufo plastics.
  4. FastestIndian

    Post pics of your CR's

    Lol yea
  5. FastestIndian

    Post pics of your CR's

    2001 CR 125 2001 CR 250 2004 CR 250
  6. Hello, I have a jd jet kit. 38 mikuni What is the recomended jetting for 3800 above sea level and 90 degree temperatures.
  7. FastestIndian

    Turntech or Shorai Lithium battery?

    The Shorai LFX14A-BS12 works on my 470. No cutting or modding of stock battery box.
  8. FastestIndian

    My Very First KTM

    What setting should I have on the power valve for motocross tracks? Should I have it hit low,mid or top
  9. FastestIndian

    How long does it take to warm up tires?

    What kind of tires do you have?
  10. FastestIndian

    My Very First KTM

    haha ............ok i did it............ Man this bike looks so sweet. I will be reading the 200 FAQ now.
  11. FastestIndian

    My Very First KTM

    2006 KTM 200xc Hello, just introducing my first ktm. The engine is being rebuilt. Prox rod kit, Vertex piston double ring and main bearings. Should have it next week. I'm so excited .
  12. FastestIndian

    drz vs klr 650

    I had this 400 pound monster. Now I have this 300 pounder. The Drz is so much better in the dirt and sand. The KLR was slightly more comfortable on the road. They have about the same horsepower stock.
  13. Why is he not alarmed and running after the fire started there is like 50 bikes full of gasoline all around him. That place is a big nuke!
  14. FastestIndian

    First rain ride!!

    Would have sucked if you had a cell phone or ipod lol. Also I hope you had long sleves and full face helmet. Rain feels like rocks being thrown at you. I've felt that. It was a regular sunny day a few clouds but not any black ones or even gray. Not too many either. As I was coming back from a store ten miles away from home It started raining. I felt intense pain on my naked arms and even on my chest through my thin shirt. I could not believe how painful rain was. Really I still can't believe how painful that day was.