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  1. wes513v

    Bye-Bye BAM BAM

    Peick has been the better bet for a while, so has Phil. Proof is In the pudding come contract time.
  2. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    The guy I work with ( who Squid apparently liked to bully because he was small) told me he was sorry for what his buddies did to Squid in the showers. Squids still in the denial stage.
  3. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

  4. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    Lmao! Back-pedaling, pure and simple. Another form of welching, so it's not surprising.
  5. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    How did I make fun of people that, by your own admission, I don't know? Seems like your fantasy is unraveling even as you try to create it. I told you that he felt bad that they gave you such a crappy time in school. That they were jerks for what they did to you. Yep you said that then,but how do you respond now as you rewrite events? You mock his height and reveal you tried to bully him. You're own words trip you up continually. Like I said, the more you speak the more of your character you reveal, and it's not very admirable or attractive. They yelled at you? That's not the story you told back then. Now suddenly you are the tough guy and challenged them? You just keep living your fraud Travis, rewrite what you need to to make it easier to deal with. But remember, you're only lying to yourself. As for the rest of your rambling smoke screen, lol! You just continue looking the fool with your statements. As you are looking up roughneck, you need to look up hypocrite as well. You seem to struggle with that one too. Hey, I'll give you another chance to look stupid and call bullshit on your closing statement. Prove it so everyone can see just how full of shit you are. If I constantly do something, you should have no problem finding numerous examples of me doing it. Put up or shut up.
  6. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    Apparently in Squids mind( a scary, lonely place to be sure) it is something to be ridiculed by people from his "caste". He's trying to back-pedal now because he sees he's come off as an ass for his statements. He said what he meant, he laughs at guys who are working hard in the oil fields, and he's better than that.
  7. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    I'm beginning to think you don't know what a roughneck is, since you keep assigning me to that task. Maybe you should educate yourself before you make yourself look any more ignorant. Perhaps the exemplary education you received in the halls of higher education that is Taft High has failed you in more ways than reading comprehension, logic and character.
  8. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    I don't worry about it in the least, though it obviously scarred you to the point that you still feel the need to consider how bad they have it versus the blessed life you lead. Seriously, who thinks like that but a damaged person? Lying? You were the one who sat across from me and told me how they picked on you, now suddenly you have sprouted a pair of testicles and made the bullies run away. There's lying going on, but it seems you are lying to yourself.
  9. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    So what I'm seeing is that you got your ass kicked every day by some guys he used to hang around with and then, on top of mocking him for his stature, you decided to bully a little guy. Very manly of you, you should be proud that you could intimidate a guy that is about half your size. You don't think you're better? Isn't it you that just said you laugh at those guys out there doing their job? In most peoples minds that would be considered looking down on someone. Some people are in the fields because their skill set dictates it, some are here because the economy dictates it, some of them are even here because they chose it for the opportunities it afforded them while paying them a higher wage than they could otherwise command. We have two ex NFL players, both with Masters degrees, and both started as field operators, several ex cops, actually there are quite a few degrees out here. Bachelors, Masters, Etc. The list is not just full of ignorant roughnecks. Bottom line is it's a pretty small minded person that see's it as an opportunity to laugh at them. I'm not terribly surprised at this point. I tend to think highly of everyone until they give me a good reason not to. Most people only give me one or two reasons, you are making a career out of it.
  10. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    It's sad that you think it's ok to look down on people who work hard for a living, and live near their jobs. Seems pretty shallow to me, even if they did beat your ass every day. Doesn't speak highly of you. I'm going to guess there are a lot of guys on here that do jobs that you feel are beneath you and deserve your disdain. There's no shame in a hard days work. Something your dad should have taught you.
  11. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    Always 72 in my truck. Done in 4, maybe less. I'll comfort myself with kickass dive vacations throughout the Carribean while you're enjoying the largest collection of rainbow flags in the nation.
  12. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    I see why you got your ass kicked continually in high school.
  13. wes513v

    Muskrat cried on the podium

    Another shining example of what goes on in that wasteland he calls a brain. No sensible person will ever be able to make much of it.
  14. wes513v

    AMA Pro Motocross...there is your sign!

    See them at the track frequently, good people. I get in Jett's way a lot.