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  1. It was a while ago that we talked, like 2011 when we met at the stump jumper.  I since have moved to florida and that old ts185 blue is now down to the frame.  but I also have my 74 185 that I restored and am riding that in mean time.   Hope u and wife are doing well.  I don't post here much but am on various FB feeds for motorcycles. Jerry donofrio  now pushing 77 but still riding.



  2. zz3gmc

    Kx250 frame swap

    Front motor mounts are in a different location on the 05-07 KX250s. It can be done with a little welding. Someone on here did it a while back. The head would have to be swapped with a 03 or 04 head since the mount is in the back.
  3. zz3gmc

    My 2003 Kawasaki KX 250 2 stroke

    Thats a KDX.
  4. zz3gmc

    Picked up this 2006 today

    That bike came from NJ! Mt Holly Kawasaki is 10 minutes from me! What type of riding are you going to do with it?
  5. zz3gmc

    KDX220 Mystery forks

    KLX forks, no rebound adjuster. I just rebuilt a set last weekend.
  6. zz3gmc

    Big bore 265 or 295 2000 kx 250

    Thats a old E Line lighting coil that she bought for her old 03 (which she still has). No longer made but they pop up from time to time. You can tap into your Powerjet coil wire to power lights. It puts out about 25w. Steahly Offroad sells a Powerjet light kit for the KX. Ricky stator can rewind your coil to put out around 35w also.
  7. zz3gmc

    Big bore 265 or 295 2000 kx 250

    My wife built a 295 out of her 04 250 a few years back. We race enduros so its set up for tight/technical east coast terrain. More bottom and nice mid with similar top end as the 250. Its geared 13/52 and can tractor through the gnarly stuff a gear high with ease. Its not a sleeved cylinder its a replateable bore and can be repaired if the cylinder is damaged. Powerseal USA did it.
  8. zz3gmc

    MotoFab KX300X build

    My wife built her 300 a few years ago out of a 04 250
  9. zz3gmc

    85' KX250 Restoration

    They were silver.
  10. I have one if your interested. A little yellowed but good useable shape. Its a Clarke.
  11. zz3gmc

    The best fix for the 05-07 KX250 chassis

  12. zz3gmc

    The best fix for the 05-07 KX250 chassis

    Tree Dodging Fool is my wife. She pretty much outlined what was done to my(her old bike) in your other thread. Im not running the stock forks or shock on mine. I have several sets of suspension that Ive tried . Currently Im using a set of de-bladdered and revalved forks from a 04 KX250 and the shock from the 04 also revalved. My wife stole the 07 shock for her 04. She wanted to try a shock with the high speed comp adjustment. My 07 eats up the gnarly, rocky stuff and still does well in the high speed stuff. Its set up strictly for enduro and offroad.
  13. zz3gmc

    The best fix for the 05-07 KX250 chassis

    Ive been tinkering with my 07 forever. Ive got it pretty darn good now! From the power delivery to handling and suspension. The only place I dont 100% trust the handling is in sandy/loamy higher speed terrain. I trust it in gnarly, technical, rocky terrain. Im going to search around for the 02 clamps and give them a try this winter.
  14. zz3gmc

    KX250 external stator case

    If your tagged up come down to the 80th running of the Sandy Lane Enduro next year. We are the 1st enduro of the season. Im a section leader and have a awesome section planned.
  15. zz3gmc

    The best fix for the 05-07 KX250 chassis

    May have to try the 02 clamps on my 07.