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  1. worstell

    Rejetting XR400

    Resurrecting old thread here. I need help jetting a 2000 XR400R that I am shipping from Colorado to my friend in West Virginia. Here is the skinny. Bike: 2000 XR400R California model with Uni filter and Big Gun exhaust Stock jetting (California model) - 142 MJ, 52 PJ, A2E needle Current jetting (done by PO): 158 MJ, 60 PJ, and non-California needle A16A I haven't changed the jetting from when I bought it used a few years ago. It seems to run fine in Colorado, but I can't recall if I've taken it to high elevations. It hasn't been my primary dirt bike. The PO replaced the lean California needle. However, I also see from the parts diagram that the needle jet part number is different between the California and non-California models. Should the needle jet be replaced to? It looks like it is about $27. Any other suggestions on jetting for West Virginia (roughly 1000 feet elevation). My friend isn't super mechanically inclined, so I'd like to get the jetting sorted out before I ship it to him. Also, why are the jetting recommendations that I am seeing for the post 1997 models SO much richer than stock? Thanks all!
  2. worstell

    My 2018 Beta 350 RR-S thread

    CRBETA- Did you ever get rid of your stalling issues? I've got a 2018 390 RR-S doing the same on slow technical terrain. I'm at 15 hours. I'm close to buying a Rekluse to address the problem. I hate to do that because I've avoided using one thus far. Also, how is your fuel economy? My sucks thus far ... 24 mpg is my best and it sometimes worse.
  3. worstell

    Talk me out of a RR-S

    I got the 390 RR-S for technical singletrack, and it is great for that application. For adventure riding on a BDR it might not be my first choice because of the limited fuel range. With the 2 gallon stock tank, I'm only getting about 48 miles to the tank (24 mpg). You could go with the IMS 4 gallon tank and double that. If so, Seat Concepts makes a seat that conforms to the larger tank (this is true for the 3 gallon tank at least). The SC seat is more geared towards dualsporting too. Not sure if ~100 mile range is good enough for your application. Also, I had a DRZ400S and think it was probably a bit better on the road than the RR-S would be. I swapped the 15 tooth countersprocket on the 390 for a 13 tooth before I ever road it, so can't really say how strung out it would be at 65 mph or so with the stock gearing. The 500 would be better for road work. There is an Aussie guy that did a video on how to setup RR-S models for adventure riding. Just google cross training enduro skills RR390 adventure conversion.
  4. worstell

    KTM/Husky vs Beta: Emissions & tuning

    Perfect, thanks. EPA's spreadsheet shows that Beta is considered a small volume manufacturer.
  5. worstell

    KTM/Husky vs Beta: Emissions & tuning

    Hey Bruce, where did you get this very useful info? I reviewed the EPA emission standards for highway motorcycles, found here: https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2004-01-15/pdf/04-6.pdf Table E2006-2 on page 2436 shows the 0.8 g/km emission standard that you cite above. This is for 2010 or later and greater than 280 cc. Small-volume manufacturers are subject to the Tier 1 standard of 1.4 g/km. Does this mean that Beta is a small-volume manufacturer, which is defined as "[m]anufacturers with fewer than 500 employees worldwide and producing fewer than 3,000 motorcycles per year in the United States are considered small-volume manufacturers for the purposes of this section." However, I can't find the as tested information. Where did you get that? I think that manufacturers can average emissions across their fleet. I wonder how the street legal Beta 2-strokes, having much higher HC emissions, but lower NOx emissions, figure into that calculus.
  6. worstell

    McCoy/Burns area conditions

    I'm hoping to head to the McCoy / Burns area this Saturday (11/26). Does anyone know the status of the trails in terms of BLM planning? Are the trails still open to dirt bikes? And any info on the Current condition of the trails would be appreciated too. Any mud or snow?
  7. worstell

    Beta Xtrainer, RR250 or RR300?

    Thanks for all the advice guys .... which I took and bought a 2016 250 RR (not racing version). I am super stoked!!! Of course now I have a million questions. But I'll just start with easiest way to tune carb. I plan to use the Beta carb parts and jetting chart for my Colorado conditions (roughly 7,000 to 10,000 feet and assume 70 degrees F). Is there a good write-up or video on how to change main jet and needle with carb on the bike? I have a good idea of how to go about it ... just need details. Oh and one more question. Seems like lots of folks have issue with spooge coming from rubber gasket between silencer and pipe. I've seen thread advising to zip tie the rubber gasket to fix, but seem to recall the better solution is to rotate the gasket to a certain position. Anybody got some help here?
  8. worstell

    Beta Xtrainer, RR250 or RR300?

    Any other opinions on 250 vs 300 rr? I'm riding mostly technical tight single-track. Conventional KTM wisdom says go 300. But Beta might be different. And from the excellent video review here it sounds like 2016 250 has plenty of low end. My dealer has one Beta 2 stroke 2016 left, a lightly discounted 250.
  9. worstell

    Beta Xtrainer, RR250 or RR300?

    Any other opinions on 250 vs 300 rr? I'm riding mostly technical tight single-track. Conventional KTM wisdom says go 300. But Beta might be different. And from the excellent video review here it sounds like 2016 250 has plenty of low end. My dealer has one Beta 2 stroke 2016 left, a lightly discounted 250.
  10. worstell

    advice on buying a crf250x: used 2008 or new 2012

    Honda website shows the HPSD steering damper on the 2012/2013 CRF250X. Just click on the dot by the headlight: http://powersports.honda.com/trail/2013/crf250x/innovations.aspx Is this a mistake by Honda?
  11. Hi- I am looking at buying one of two CRF250X bikes. One would be a new, leftover 2012 which I think I could get for $6000 out the door with taxes. The other is a used, mostly stock 2008 with a reported 200 miles listed for $4200. First question: Are there any notable differences between these two model years? I think they both have HPSD, as this was introduced in 2008. Second question: How could I tell if the used bike has valve issues (though this might be unlikely at 200 miles)? Finally, I am also looking at a leftover 2012 WR450f (fuel injected) for about $6800 out the door with taxes. Any input on which would be a better bike for me would be appreciated. Me: 44 years old, coming off XR250R/XR400R, relatively new to pure dirt biking, but have put in maybe 40 days in the last two years (love it!), ride mostly tight technical single track in Colorado (just as tight as back east if not more so), some big whoop sections though, dig rocks, roots, and technical stuff, just want to go fast and have fun, not a racer. Thanks for your input!
  12. worstell

    2013 review

    Navaho6, which map should I run to avoid overheating. I was thinking to run the woods map.
  13. worstell

    2013 review

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on a leftover 2012 WR450F. But I am hesitating because I am afraid it will be to much weight and power for the super super tight technical stuff. I currently ride a XR400R which I manage just fine in those conditions. How will the WR450F compare? I think they are about the same weight.
  14. Hey- I'm thinking about replacing my Kawi KLR650 and Honda XR250R with one bike. Yep, the WR250R. I've considered other bikes that are a bit more high zoot - like the KTM 350 and Husky TE310r - but I keep coming back to the WRR because of versatility, reliability, ease of maintenance, and purchase price. Yet, I do have a few concerns because I would prefer not to do too many mods to the WRR. Bear in mind that I am mostly looking for good trail manners on tight, tight, tight, technical single track. For example, I don't want to stall at inopportune times, or not make steep climbs. Also, bear in mind that I am not looking for race performance. If I could get down the trail as well as I do on my XR250R, that would be stellar. Here are my questions: 1) Why do folks get rid of EXUP? It provides torque at low rpms by creating back pressure, right? Seems like a good idea to me. Do I need to remove it to make the bike single track worthy? Or is it just nice to do? I'd like to keep the stock exhaust if possible. 2) Am I going to HAVE to remove the air injection system (AIS)? Does it affect trail-worthiness? I'd like to keep the stock exhaust if possible. 3) Is a programmer essential? Can I benefit from a programmer if I leave the bike stock? What is the consensus on best route to go? If needed, should I go the FMF power programmer route, or do I need to step it up to the dynojet powercomander with autotune. Is there any point if I don't replace the exhaust? 4) Is the fuel injection open loop in the USA? Seems that way since there is not an oxygen sensor. If so, how does the ECU account for altitude and temperature changes? Is this done by the mass air flow (MAF) and intake air temperature sensors (IAT), assuming it has them? 5) If I do go the full dynojet power commander/autotune/new exhaust route, does the ECU operate in closed loop mode? Does it switch to open loop when get on the throttle? As you can see, I am partly informed, and we all know the problem with that. I'm sure it would all become clear if I get the bike. But I want to be as informed as possible before making a purchase decision. Thanks and cheers!
  15. worstell

    Dual-Sporting a 2013 TE310R

    The original poster, Grok, mentioned the Yamaha 250 (i.e., the WR250R). I too am interested in that bike. Regarding gearing, where does the WR250R fal?. I have heard it does great on the highway, but will it do allright in tight singletrack and on steep climbs. If not, can the gearing be changed without sacrificing the ability to cruise (~ 65 mph) on the highway? Does the WR250R have a wide ratio gearbox?