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  1. tidtid

    Arm Pump Solutions

    oh, i was trying to post under the arm pump post.
  2. tidtid

    Arm Pump Solutions

    roll your bars back closer to you. even though you don't realize it you are holding yourself forward with you forearms even if just a little bit it will cause your arms to pump up.
  3. tidtid

    2008 RMZ 250 fork seals keep blowing

    People seem to have more trouble with that left seal than the right. I use to also. Now I run seals that cost about $12 bucks and get about a year out of them. The only thing i can suggest if everything look good on the tube is, if you have twin chamber forks make sure the inner chamber don't have a leaking seal and is over filling the other fork. Also a new set of dust covers with new seals. Lastly after washing spray the tube down with something like the Walmart lube or wd40 and wipe with a clean rag and if it sets for a month or so wipe them down again before riding . I read a artical where dried mud spots or hard water spots can form on the tube after washing and it gets past the wiper and once it works into the seal they leak. Oh yea i had a friend that tried everything under the sun and could not get seals to last. He put a set of seal savers on and said he hardly never has a seal to go out now.
  4. tidtid


    If you like those try the Sidi. I tried Alpines, Fox, Gaerne, and I 2004 tried Sidi. I'm on my second pair. I can't wear anything else now. Several friends tried them and that all they wear now. But everyone has their favorites, some love them and some hate them. The size are differant, go bigger.
  5. Have you done the CCC mods to the bike yet? Once you get the air box fully opened, screen out of the air filter cage with a back fire filter, at least a new muffler, and get the jetting right you will probably be able to pick the front up with nothing but throttle through third gear. First and second will be extremely easy , third gear may need a little help. Pink wire mod also helps. I installed a toggle switch on the pink wire so I could swap from the crf and crfx map. A cam out of a r model will push the power up in the rpms and you will not have instantaneous front wheel lift at real low rpm's like what it sounds like you want. If your bike is all stock there should be no bogs and when you open up the intake, exhaust and rejet it there should not be any bogs either if the jetting is right. It should be just as good as stock but more power every where.
  6. tidtid

    2015 CRF250X mods

    I think it should but you might go on a site that carries OEM parts and see if the pump and others are the same.
  7. tidtid

    Too Much Throttle Response After CCC Mods

    I have had 3 of these bikes and the current one is a 09. Most everything I have learned has been testing. My current bike has the air pump removed and blocked off, air box opened along the line. Fmf silencer, stock had pipe, pink wire mod with a toggle switch mounted to my bark buster. The part that bolts to the handlebar. I have a boyesen quick shot 3 only for jetting purposes, some people are disappointed because they don't get a big power increase. These are only to making jetting easier. My bike has zero bog no mater what gear or how quick I pen the throttle. After warmed up or even hot it will start by using your hand on the kick starter first try, friends can't believe I can take my hand roll it through till the auto decompression ingauges and give it a good steady roll through and it cranks. But In tight almost handlebar wide trails or a lot of swap backs it too hits hard so I flip the switch back to stock pink wire. Also I find that I can adjust my fuel screw rich and my qs3 richer and the hit mellows more. The key to a smoother initial hit will be riching it some at and just off idle. I had a 2010 crf250 fuel injected and bought the programed from Tokyo Mods and they told me the more fuel you program in the mellow it will run off idle. But before I would start to rejett the bike if you got it running good. I would get the pink wire mod back to stock or at least put it on a switch so you can get to it easy to swap it back and forth and invest in a throttle with interchangeable wheels to reduce cable pull like one of the other post talked about.
  8. tidtid

    2015 CRF250X mods

    On early modles the defuser was removable but on my 09 its not. A guy gave me his old one and I beat the defuser to pieces getting it off but then your left with an exhaust hole the size of your pinky. Either buy a end cap for around $60 or go aftermarket. I went with fmf. The air box is a must. Cut it along the line. Some heat a scraper or kinve and melt through the plastic. I used a drimmel tool while I had it off, a bit more messy though. The drill bit looking cutter for the drimmel cuts it like butter.
  9. tidtid

    Baffle out without jetting

    If I remember on my 06 you could take the defuser out of the stock exhaust and put the end cap back on and it runs better once jetted and the noise level is a little less than a fmf without the spark arrester. At some point Honda made the exhaust so the defuser (spark arrester) can't be removed. My 09 can't be removed and if you rip it out you still left with the pinky size hole for the exhaust. Don't run it without the end cap. absulutely to loud and you will never get great jetting.
  10. tidtid

    Honda CRF250x Vs Honda CRF230f Vs Yamaha WR250f

    Crf250x, at least 2008 or newer.
  11. tidtid

    Stumped! Please help!

    Hey I just been reading your nightmare. I probably missed a couple of post since it has grown to 3 pages but I have a few ideas. I had 3 of these bikes. Once i got one that had the tip of a fuel screw broke off in the fuel screw hole and caused a lot of the same stuff your taking about. I didn't see if you said the intake track has been opened up and what main, needle, clip your running. There also is a o ring on the slide that can leak. Its kinda of a vacuum break. With the idle problems, if it will idle with the choke on it should be in a fast idle with it on. When these bikes are lean it takes at least 10 minutes before they will run without piping sputtering and bogging bad. If it's running with the choke but dies when turning it off, up the idle till it will idle without the choke when warmed up and slowly pull the hot start. just as it comes off seat it should do one of 2 things. Stall or the idle will pick up. Thats a quick way to tell if it is lean or rich. I will bet it's really lean. I have did a lot of testing different jetting settings and its hard to get these bike too rich but I'm around sea leavel so yours should be leaner that mine.
  12. tidtid

    New bike 06 crf250x

    Absolutely no bog once you get the jetting right. Ride one all completely stock and it doesn't bog so when you in Cork the intake and open up the exhaust it should not bog once you get it jetted.
  13. tidtid

    Engine Seized

    Just curious what jetting are you running pushing it that hard.
  14. Anybody hapen know the stock rebound stack on a 2009 crf250x shock. I checked the archive but did not see one.Thanks.