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  1. GimpIndustries

    2016 foot pegs springs suck

  2. GimpIndustries

    2016 KTM forks

    Anyone with 2016 KTM AER forks want to trade for a new set of 2016 4CS? I know not everyone likes air, so just putting this out there in case someone is interested.
  3. GimpIndustries

    2016 factory clutch covers?

    Hinson makes one, as does Rekluse
  4. GimpIndustries

    2016 release date

    Where did you get this procedure from? It doesn't state this in the manual at all. Motoman, my 16 had crazy decel pop as well. I set the TPS to .57 and now its all gone.
  5. GimpIndustries

    Ordered my 16 450 SXF, couple of questions

    Berky, were you running the Motul synthetic or just regular?
  6. GimpIndustries

    Ordered my 16 450 SXF, couple of questions

    Can the rotella T6 synthetic oil be used in the new bikes? First KTM thumper for me and I know most clutches don't like that oil.
  7. GimpIndustries

    Looking for Black Throttle Guide for 15.5 FE 450

    Buy a quick turn throttle from G2 Ergonomics
  8. GimpIndustries

    2016 KTM'S PEOPLE!

    Only the Europe versions will be receiving the air forks. USA gets the 4CS again. SX models will be out in August as well. Not June
  9. GimpIndustries

    15.5 FE interchangeable Parts

    Wheels will fit with different spacers. Anyone know if front sprockets are the same?
  10. GimpIndustries

    2012 ktm 250sx jetting woes

    I don't believe the JD kit recommends a 172.....that is just what I run. You want to give the 250SX as much fuel as you can without getting spooge. I ride the hell out of it and have used a 175 even before with very little spooge. JD has been awesome and helped me out tremendously. I actually run the 300 XCW (with SX head and race kit) needle as it provides more fuel on the top end than the regular 250SX needle.
  11. GimpIndustries

    2012 ktm 250sx jetting woes

    NECJ needle (or red needle from JD jetting) 3rd clip, 40 pilot, 172 main......runs amazing
  12. GimpIndustries

    EBC versus AP Racing Front Brake Pads 08CRF450R

    I'd have to disagree with iMoto189. I have used AP pads exclusively now for a few years. Far better than OEM for stopping power. The ORR's are the way to go.
  13. GimpIndustries

    13 transmission 3rd to 4th problem

    I had my transmission WPC coated and have never had an issue. Not only does it shift like butter, but never a single false neutral.
  14. GimpIndustries

    Hinson clutch actuator

    I have this on my 13 crf450. I can take some pics tonight for you on the cable routing. It made a big difference on the clutch pull for me.
  15. GimpIndustries

    Launch limiter. Any one using one on there MX bike?

    I can tell you it was all done through the power commander 5 unit. i will have to ask about the max hp and get back to you.