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    i am looking to buy a complete front wheel for a 2016 husky bike thank you.


  2. ADAM_3rd

    Riding near Visalia, CA?

    near by you have the sequoia national forest, real nice area to ride.the desert is only a few hours away,lots of trails there,the kern area has riding also.
  3. ADAM_3rd

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    that is a cool paddle boat! does the t bar turn a rudder? the pontoons look real familiar. american ingenuity.
  4. ADAM_3rd

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

  5. ADAM_3rd

    CCMA recreation.gov - rock hounding acccess

    Traction everywhere! Is anyone riding?
  6. ADAM_3rd

    Seasonal trail closures

    dec 1,it will be snowed out wuth the recent rain anyways.
  7. ADAM_3rd

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    trail work.
  8. ADAM_3rd

    Bike stuck on a trail in NAPA area

    im sure a local riding club would give a hand,where abouts are you?
  9. ADAM_3rd

    Return of YamahaGinger

    i felt like that when i sold my slant berg, i miss the motor and feel of the bike,especially on dual sport rides, i never could get the suspension dialed though. the kinda riding i do now complements my 300 2 stroke.
  10. ADAM_3rd

    IRC M5B for Socal Riding EVO or NON-EVO

    what did db mag have to say?? just curious
  11. ADAM_3rd

    90's kx250's

    You have a solid bike to ride,the engines are pretty reliable and strong,the geared power valve system can be challenging to get parts for if needed,but there out there. just chime in if you need some info and have fun!