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  1. Think it was the head. I popped off the top and it was wet. So I cleaned it all up and replaced it. Will checking again after a ride
  2. Forgot to mention its an eric gorr 295 the the cometic gasket.
  3. I was doing some maintenance today and I drained my coolant and there looked to be a darker tint to it and it felt a little oily??? I drained the oil as well and that all looked pretty normal. My bike is a 2007 YZ250 Any thoughts?
  4. Yeah i've actually looked there multiple times and have not found a place on the website to actually order any parts. Last time I ordered everything was listed on the website.
  5. Anyone know if Eric Gorr is still affiliated with Millennium Technologies? Where are other people buying theirs kits to rebuild? Thanks for any info
  6. http://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=417155094530F-91EC-B3DB-0D5F8D450C4C721C : alberta ban here
    It cured all my jetting blues!
    Very durable but as it gets older it is starting to rust.
    Very durable but as it gets older it is starting to rust.
  7. Yeah. It works great. I tested it by throwing a sand tire on my spare rim. It made it way easier.
  8. Recently started a new job as an apprentice welder. Didn't have a lot on the go today so i thought I'd see what I could do with some scraps. Here is what I came up with.
    I love this bike.
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