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  1. Sounds like an air leak to me. Could be anything from a bad vacuum line to a gasket. When running the motor, spray starting fluid around the engine. When the engine idles up (or down), focus on that area. .
  2. 6 Riders

    Best Trailer Tie Down Method

    I have used turnbuckle to footpegs set up on my trailer. I had nothing but the turnbuckles holding the bike down. My son and I tipped the trailer onto it's side and the bike stayed put. We even "dropped" the trailer back onto it's wheels and the bike still didn't move. IMO this is a much better set up than straps on the bars.
  3. 6 Riders

    Which mx gear bag for air travel?

    I use a Ful brand 36"ish inch "split level" bag I bought at Costco years ago. It has a lower compartment for boots, two good sized end pockets and some smaller front pockets. It's a roller bag (highly recommended due to weight of all your gear in one bag). I can fit 2 helmets, 2 sets of riding gear, one pair of boots, Google's, chest protector and a change of street clothes. It's not an "MX" bag, but it sure works very well. For me it's about build quality and good matterials.....So Walmart is out and I've found MX bags to be lacking in longevity, with the exception of Ogio, but Ogio isn't truly an MX company.
  4. 6 Riders

    Riding gear for noob

    Good helmet, Google's, elbow guards, knee guards of some sort...I prefer the hinged style for comfort/fit, MX pants with the hip pads in place. Stiff riding boots, I personally would avoid Fox boots. A good pair of riding socks, seriously. For MX only a light weight chest guard (because of roost). For trail riding a CE certified chest and back protector (because of trees, rocks and other hard landings). You don't need hydration packs for MX, hydration should be done for the week before riding. I have stopped wearing elbow guards myself, but that's after using them for years. Edit; a really nice pair of underwear, something like under armour, you will thank me for this.
  5. I've run both the EE and Cycras. I'm going to start with PROTECTION; I have no preference between the two when it comes to protecting my hands, or bike parts. Both have suffered through hitting trees, being dropped on rocks, decent crashes and both have held up well. MOUNTS; IMO the Cycra bar mounts are the best that I've used, no doubt. Outer bar mounts are pretty much the same. I have switched all my bikes over to threaded bar end inserts and thus improving the performance of both Bark Busters and their ability to turn on impact. DESIGN; ok, here's where things get tough. I love the design of the Pro Bends, I like that they sit below the parallel of the bars. This seems like a huge advantage in a major crash, especially if you go over the bars. The looks, to me, is not that important and I don't run any shields, so it's just preference, but I must say....the straight design of the EE's looks more aggressive. COST; Well, the EEs, Moose and MSR bark busters are all the same thing and can be had for around $60, the Cycra's on the other hand will run you over $100. SUMMARY; The advantage of the Cycra's is the bend and the inner mounts. Otherwise these and the EEs perform similar. The cost of the Cycra's is about double, but the mounts alone run about $45, so if you wanted the better mounts with the EEs, the cost becomes closer to even. Notes; I have never bent either set. I do not run the plastic guards. I have converted both sets outside mounts to threaded bar inserts, which has stopped them from moving up or down in a crash, both types moved before this.
  6. 6 Riders

    1990 KDX200 touch-up/facelift

    If you can, find a caliper mount from a 93/94 KDX. That might fix your problem.
  7. 6 Riders

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    I used the "stubby tire tools" from rmatv and didn't have any sort of problems. I highly recommend these for tubliss tire systems.
  8. Pretty sure, if you have a plate, you need a disco pass to be in/on the DNR lands OR you can dual register and use the plate/orv tab combo OR if you don't plan on riding it on the street, just get orv tags and call it good.
  9. 6 Riders

    Kdx200 restore lots of questions

    So, if it's a 97, then the seat should be "modern". You can get a Meier MX rear fender and a KX number plate instead of the headlight. There are some years of KX hubs that work on the KDX. If the bike is as much of a rag as you make it sound, rebuilding the bottom and top end is a good idea. 95-06 kdx 200s are pretty much the same, the kdx 220 is basically the same bike with a smaller carb and bigger cylinder bore (so the top end is different).
  10. Air filter dirty, bad reeds, bad/wrong spark plug, air leak, jetting.
  11. 6 Riders

    Short Sleeve Jersey? Where to Find?

    Bicycle jerseys are the same stuff mx jerseys are made out of and come in short sleeves [emoji106]
  12. Buy good bars....unless you buy helmets off of ali, then get whatever disaster part you like and don't ask questions about it here..... But seriously, bars are a pretty damb important part of your bike. This would be an area where good judgment and lack of gambling would be necessary. After all it is a very big safety issue.
  13. 6 Riders

    Restoring aluminum swing arm?

    Shit, I wired wheeled the factory PC off of a swing arm before, left it alone after all the PC was off and I think it looks great. It has a rough (scratched?) look to it, but it's shiny too, so it looks great on the bike (imo).
  14. Your KDX is probably worth more than that 250 in running condition.