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  1. werra

    2015 600 mile service

    My understanding is that Honda found that the valves do not need to be checked that early. The new 2016 manuals have the 1st valve inspection at 1800 miles.
  2. werra

    Front sprocket question

    Ok - thanks Joe!
  3. werra

    Front sprocket question

    lol! That would be fun!
  4. werra

    Front sprocket question

    What would happen if you put it on backwards?
  5. werra

    Front sprocket question

    I have a Sun 13T sprocket I'm installing at the moment. Which side of the sprocket face out? The flat side or the stepped side?
  6. werra

    Wiseco 11:1 on stock engine feedback

    Excellent!!! Makes me want to do the same thing. Can you still run 93 octane or do you need race gas now?
  7. I am going to try a different set-up (below) to see if I can improve the forks even further. I replaced the stock springs with .46 kg/mm aftermarket ones, fork oil is now 15Wt, and I backed the emulator spring preload back to two turns. I'll report back once I get a chance to test it out. Bike: 2009 CRF2030F Forks: Stock Fork Springs: RaceCraft .46 mm/kg - constant rate Damper rods: drilled 4 new holes to 5/16" dia. and enlarged stock hole to 5/16" dia. Emulators: yellow spring (64lb.) with 2 turns of preload Fork Oil: Bel Ray fork oil 15W Oil Level: 150mm from top (measured with springs removed, emulators installed) Rider weight: 200lbs. without gear Riding Conditions: Woods/trail
  8. werra

    KX250 Forks on a 230?

    MXScotty, Where did you get those yellow bumpers on you steerig stops? I assume they are bumpers?
  9. werra

    Recommended Handlebars

    Nice bike! I have a 2009 and my son has a 2005. I guess I need to add them to "My Garage" too. I love the way the 230 is adaptable from a really good beginner's bike to a very capable woods bike. The aire cooled-engine is very reliable and easy to maintain. I'm sure you will have a blast with it!
  10. werra

    Recommended Handlebars

    No problem - glad to help! I am no expert by any means but I have learned a lot from the people on this forum! Yeah, Honda has them pretty lean from the factory due to all the restrictive emission controls. Keep us posted on your upgrades when you get around to them!
  11. werra

    Recommended Handlebars

    Yes, you will need to pull out the rubber "snorkle" from the top of the airbox and remove the baffle insert from the exhaust tip - One torx screw holds it in. removing the snorkle and exhaust baffle lets the engine "breathe". Do not remove these items until after you re-jet or your engine will run way to lean. It has been discovered (Coeshow's dyno testing) that the 45 or 48 pilot jet and 120 main jet and the clip on the needle in the 4th position work best for most bikes. So don't get the power-up kit. Just get the khehin jets on-line for $4 or $5 bucks each. You will find that the bike starts much easier and has a noticeable increase in power throughout the power band. My bike used to beat me up too until I got the Works shock and the emulators. Now it just soaks up the bumps and handles way better too!
  12. Per BikeBandit.com: "Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators are tunable valves that sit on top of the damping rods & are held in place with the main springs. They make damping rod forks perform like well-tuned cartridge forks. Simple to install & completely tunable for all conditions & rider preferences". They run about $150 but make a huge difference and are well worth the $.
  13. I think your best bet would be to add racetech emulators and 15wt fork oil. That combination seems to work really well for most. Check out the racetech database thread for more details.
  14. werra

    Recommended Handlebars

    welcome to the 230 club! I have used both the Protaper CR-Hi bend and (for even more height with shorter width for woods riding) the Honda Mini bend. You will find that the 230 can be a very capable bike when properly modded. As you get more into it - you will probably want to rejet the carb and upgrade your forks and shock. Many 230 owners are running Racetech Emulators and Works shocks or Hlebro re-valved shocks.