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  1. Never wander off without having some idea of where you're at and where you're going. Never trust the entirety of navigation, or your salvation, to electronic devices. Know your bearings, or know how to acquire them easily. I do the majority of my riding, hiking, hunting, etc... alone. I've been turned around, but never lost. I'm studying topo maps and Google Earth in my spare time. People get lost and die of exposure when they go 50 yds off the trail to take a shit. Basic navigation, handrails, compass reading, and position of the sun are things you can learn within a day. Batteries don't last forever.
  2. Studhaeuser

    TigerTanker and NWX vs Hikers

    It wont look good if this starts making the rounds. The bunny huggers watch forums like these for shit like this.
  3. Studhaeuser

    Single Wheel Dirtbike Trailer?

    Just what sort of "BAD things" will happen that don't already happen on regular trailers?
  4. If engine braking hurt anything, you'd be hearing it from the kart guys. They only touch the clutch to start and stop. No decent rider will tell you to freewheel the back either.
  5. Studhaeuser

    Truing a wheel that isn’t new

    Torquing wont do any good unless everything moves freely. The plink test is the way to go to be sure you're getting consistent tension, on dirty ol corroded wheels.
  6. I doubt it's an issue with the Engine Ice, which is really no different than any other coolant. Like others have said, cap temp isn't accurate. Like others have said, you could be overfilling. If the excess blows out at first and you have a consistent fluid level visible in the top of the tank after several rides, it's fine. If you keep losing coolant under riding conditions which most would consider normal, the cap is probably bad. It's tough to go wrong with an OEM cap. Beyond that, you have a problem that should be diagnosed by actual professionals.
  7. Studhaeuser

    Capital Forest for Dummies

    Maybe you're joking. Most of the roads and quite a bit of trail are old railroad grade. That's what makes it so tricky to navigate, only so many places you can drive a train.
  8. I have the 2004 version of that trailer, owned since new. The floor has never been touched and is still in good shape.
  9. Studhaeuser

    WA helmet law

    If you think we need a helmet law for public safety, insurance costs, the feelings of friends, family, first responders, or to reduce injury and mortality rates, even if only 1%, then what the hell are you doing riding motorcycles in the first place? Why bother with piddly ass nanny laws when we should be banning motorcycle riding altogether? Wouldn't that solve everything? I'll probably never get why we have to conflate legislation and good decision making. Cigarette smoking isn't illegal. Does that make it OK? If the helmet law was as big an issue as it's been painted, there'd be more than 19 states with mandatory helmet laws.
  10. Studhaeuser

    WA helmet law

    No victim, no crime. I'd still wear my helmet, but it's not the govt's responsibility to manage.
  11. Studhaeuser

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    Depends. My rims look like scrap metal to most people, not all because of the race. More to the point that if you can get dents, you can get pinch flats.
  12. Studhaeuser

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    I run 20 psi with HD tubes. No flats, but my rims still get beat up. I go full soft on compression, then stiffen it up to prevent bottoming. Same with rebound, stiffen it til it no longer feels like you're riding a sponge. I tried with my regular moto settings and my lower back was beat and my arm meat about to fall off. Theres a small loop outside of camp a mile or so long around the fence line you can test on, or the poker race which I don't recommend if you're racing the next day. No pack is a decent idea, but you'll want to hydrate throughout the race. For most of us that means a pack. Tape your hands. 100 miles of whoops can shred a pair of gloves, grips, and boot leather skin. You'll find out what arm pump really is. Look at the previous results. The fast guys finish in 3.5-4 hours. Set a pace for the normal guys that finish in 6 hrs. I blasted past hundreds of guys in the first 20 miles, most of them passed me back before the pit. The pits fill up fast. Odds are the first person you ask will let you stash your goods in, or near "their" pit. Find one with a recognizable marker, lots of flags get put up. It looks a lot different when coming in from the course. Pre-reg and show up the day of, if you don't camp out. Lots of people leave after the poker race. Lots of campers try staking claims, most of them will give you some room if the Stumpies haven't already confiscated their fencing. Keep your stuff locked up, or it will grow legs and wander off. Hit the treadmill now, if you haven't already.
  13. Studhaeuser

    Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)

    Yep, saw that on the spec sheet they have in the pics. Same one they use in the PR4? Good enough for AJP, good enough for me. Any idea what the newer engine costs?
  14. Studhaeuser

    Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)

    I see they have crate engines. The 250 air cooled is the same price as the used Blaster engines I've been looking at, and comes with all the goods. Might be the way to go for an old RM125 chassis I have laying around.