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  1. SparXX

    2001 KX 125 Engine Rebuild

    We actually took it to the local bike shop, and found out that it needs an entire new engine, the cylinder head was singed so bad, it couldnt be machined. $1600 to be fixed. either were gonna geta new bike or buy a new engine.
  2. SparXX

    2001 KX 125 Engine Rebuild

    Yeah i just needed some feedback. But we fixed the threads and they just cracked again. Its something to do with the crankshaft.
  3. I've got a 2001 Kawasaki KX 125 that has a 10 year old egine in it..... Well i was riding and it was making a wierd rattling noise, we checked it out and decided to continue riding because the day was almost over. Well when i came off of a jump and hit the gas, it stalled, and wouldnt start...no spark. Well we checked it out and found out the stator blew up:(. Well we got a new stator put it in and yet again, it blew up. The problem is that the threads that held the stator the plate tore and let the stator loose and it grinded against the magnet piece? idk the specific term for it. My question is, Is it necessary to rebuild the whole engine or just the bottom...or another idea. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Jason:thumbsup:
  4. SparXX

    Stupid Question...

    Alright thanks guys, buying gas is my dads job since I can't legally drive yet.lol. I'll give that some thought though Thanks, Jason
  5. I've been looking around for some upgrades for my dirt bike(2001 KX125) and i cant think of anything to get? Or type of gear? I have around $170 to spend Any Ideas? What I Have So Far, Everything: Pro Circuit R304 Shorty New Maxxis Tires(Both) New Custom Graphics JE Black 50 tooth Sprocket Pro Taper SE Handlebars Green Fork Graphics Grip Donuts Sunline Levers A bunch of Grips Twin Air Filter EBS Brakes(both) Maybe more, cant think. And Gear: Alpinestars Boots Thor Jersey Shift Pants MSR Gloves CVX Helmet EVS RC Evolution Neck Brace EVS Elbow Guards Shift Knee Guards Shift Chest Protector Thor Goggles Any Ideas? Thanks, Jason
  6. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    Oh yeah, that's right.. Scrubs help you stay low to the ground. My bad.
  7. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    the purpose of a whip is to keep your bike from getting too much airtime so that you stay low and get to the other side of the jump faster. its also just a cool looking thing to do too.
  8. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    sounds good, looks easy, but i dont know if it is easy.
  9. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    yeah, niether am i...
  10. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    Sounds good, my dad wont go riding until its 60 degrees outside.. so not anytime soon.
  11. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    The jump i tried it on once, i only got like 5 feet of air. not very successful.lol
  12. SparXX

    YZ250F for 14 year old?

    I'm 5'10" and 14 as well. I ride a 125 2t and id say buy one or any 250 because the seat height doesnt matter as long as you know how to ride. Most pro riders are short and ride bikes that are too tall for them(not all). Yamahas are usually taller than other brands like most are 37 inches but yamis are 39 inches. Id say go for it if your ready for the power.
  13. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    We went to Crow Canyon last year, but didnt like it because we were still beginners, but this year were probably gonna go there. They do have a lot of trails and i liked it. Thanks again. I will practice a lot this year because i want to start racing. Thanks, Jason:banana:
  14. SparXX

    Learning to Whip

    thanks ftball90! i go to bear creek now, they have an alright track but me and my dad were looking for new places to ride but we need track/trail places because he rides trail only.