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  1. Need to put in a heavier spring but otherwise bike was good. Had a bit of an issue getting it to idle when I first started. Once it was warm though it was fine....
  2. IM me and I'd be happy to email you a PDF. My dealer was able to pull from their dealernet...
  3. Added Lucky inserts for the front, adjusted the internal idle screw a tad just to richen it up and added the fuel flow mod from KTM/Husky.com. Also had to put on sparky so I went with FMF Turbinecore 2.1 Seems to be running well. Headed out for NHHA in Panaca this weekend where elevation changes drastically throughout the day...we'll see if the kid has any issues with motor performance! I'll try to post some pics on Sunday after I've got graphics on
  4. Thanks! I'll check out the vid. But yes it had about 1:10 on it. At first the kid felt that he was hitting some kind of rev range-hitting an uphill triple he said it would just kinda lose power for a second...it wasn't until later when he noticed more of a bog...maybe unrealted as we are talking about a 150 "trail" bike vs a motocrosser, but the kid is 13 and a solid B off road rider, not a wring it out Loretta's kid...so power shouldn't be an issue on either bike. Wehn we went in on the PV screw he said he noticed more hit, but then a bit later felt the "bog" and thats when my motor buddy put it on the stand and we wer tinkering with the PV and idle screw...
  5. OK...Took it to the track today. On the 3rd moto the kid said it had a bog. Thankfully a buddy who knows motors was there and said it was lean. We had originally ste it back this morning. Then he said to turn it out some, but after the kid came back, we were tinkering and could not get it consistent off idle. Reset idle screw and PV screw and it cleaned up, some...still had a lean bog up in high RPM...Not sure why? May need to try a different map as we race desert and GP...gotta get some more bottom out of this somehow...May go up a tooth on the rear too...
  6. Oh...dang...I did just that last night! Didn't have him ride it yet so I'll put it back, but...you'd think you'd hear it though if it were that lean?
  7. Picking up ours this morning and then headed to Hangtown for a couple motos to break it in...tomorrow we will really start hitting it and dialing it in...the boy hardly slept last night...love his excitement. Nothing is better!
  8. Doesn’t it come with one? Or it did and you just didn’t/haven’t put it on yet?
  9. So? update Hows it going? Have you played with the map switching yet? Do you notice any differences between the 2?
  10. Sweet...thanks! Did you add anything else that wasnt already posted? How do you like the suspension?
  11. Congrats! Love it...they came in 2 months early...picking one up for my son next week (Nor-Cal Motorsports have a couple-I already put a deposit down!) Where did you get the skid plate? Is it from your buddy's KTM? What year model/year KTM...trying to find parts to protect it so we can race it Aug 24th...thanks in advance
  12. Millennium is a bunch of flakey arrogant liars! Sent my modded 105 cylinder to them and they ruined it. Had a copper wire insert placed in to fix the common 105 o-ring in head failure issue. Ran it for 100+ hours, never and issue. Sent it to Millennium to replate, WITH specific instructions that it had the mod (impossible to miss by the way but noted just in case) and to call me if there were any issues. 4 weeks later I had to track them down to get my cylinder paid for and back. When I got it back it wasn't my cylinder. No mod! I called the guy and he insisted that their tracking system makes each cylinder and that was in fact mine. When I asked then why was the copper mod no longer intact, he stated that their cleaning process removes all ferrous metals...uh, copper isn't ferrous. I tried explaining this to him and he denied that they had done anything to it!!! He put me on the phone with their head of R&D and he claimed he had never heard of the KTM 105 head issue ( kinda odd since it is well known in the mini forums here, KTM Talk and with just about every 105 owner out there). Basically they were saying to me, "sorry. You're not important to us...your cylinder is one of 1000's we do every day, and you should be lucky we decided to rip you off so... piss off" Oh and their "matched" piston and gasket kist was 25% more than anywhere else. NEVER AGAIN and I will scream it from the highest mountain!
  13. I wear one and will get one for my kid once his baby teeth fall out. I had trouble with the offer the self ones fitting right(shock doctor). Even when I fit with my helmet on and trimmed, it was too bulky. Then I had to get a mold made at the dentist for a night guard for grinding I had him make me a lower tooth mouth guard from a thicker plastic. It's made with vacuum suction over the mold. Needless to say it fits great. With it being on the bottom, I hardly know it's there. No impingement or pressure from my helmet cheek pads and I can talk clearly with it in. While off the shelf might be cheaper, I think the increased comfort of a truely custom guard will encourage you to wear it more religiously.
  14. Most riding areas worth riding don't get cell service...at least here in Nor-Cal... Sena-like the first poster I am wanting something that can have no PTT with better range/ability to work in the hills or woods. From what I have read, I might get 25-30 yards in the hills and forget about going around a corner. Give me range and I will pay radio/headset prices!
  15. What about arthroplasty, full or hemi? Did your surgeon discuss this option?
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