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  1. bsw423

    '95 CR250 Motor in Aluminum Frame?

    That's excellent info. Might not be worth it with my 95 then.
  2. bsw423

    '95 CR250 Motor in Aluminum Frame?

    Is there a thread on here where someone has gone through it?
  3. bsw423

    '95 CR250 Motor in Aluminum Frame?

    I'm actually pretty interested in trying to throw this motor in an 02+ frame.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a 95 CR250 sitting around in my garage with a rotting frame. I would love to sell it but I won't get anything out of it with how bad the frame is. So my next best option is either parting it out, or building another bike with the motor that is in the bike now. I love the motor. It is my favorite two stroke motor that I've ever ridden. My question would be, is it possible to put this motor in one of the 02+ Aluminum Frames? I'm sure I could find an 02+ rolling chassis somewhere and I think it would be a great bike. I'm sure someone has already done this, but I couldn't find anything when I searched the forum. Ideas???
  5. Are these available anymore or do I need to have something custom made?
  6. bsw423

    Stewart in Trouble...

    I call April Fools. Come on people.
  7. bsw423

    Online Shop Manuals?

    Thanks guys. The manual for 7 bucks is definitely the way to go. I appreciate the help.
  8. bsw423

    Online Shop Manuals?

    I have a 1995 CR250 that I want to replace the top end, clutch, and basket. I know how to do this work, but I would like to have something to reference just to be safe. Are there any free shop manuals on the internet somewhere?
  9. bsw423

    1995 CR250 Graphics?

    Man you guys are pretty serious about the fluorescent thing....I swear I won't use the word pink ever again. I didn't realize everyone would take it so hard.
  10. bsw423

    1995 CR250 Graphics?

    Perfect...I just didn't know if they were starting to become hard to get.
  11. bsw423

    1995 CR250 Graphics?

    Does anyone know where I can get graphics for my '95 CR250? I have the pink colored plastic and would like to keep it that way. Also for that matter, is the pink plastic still available somewhere? My shrouds are getting bad. I have a new front and rear fender.
  12. bsw423

    Under powered KTM350 wins title!

    It's not the bike...never has been. Alessi just needs a new dad.
  13. bsw423

    Mike Alessi Quits racing ??

    I really hope he gets away from his dad. I've always liked Mike because he wants it so bad, but that's what is lacking this year. You can tell that he isn't happy with the way things are for him right now. It's almost like he is trying to make it obvious so everyone knows this isn't the real Mike Alessi.
  14. bsw423

    Brian Shuckhart is My Hero!!! (two-stroke)

    I don't think anyone really thinks a rider on a two stroke would get consistent top 5's. I think most just want someone out there on one, regardless of the finish. It would actually be like someone donating their season to do it because it would obviously hurt their results.
  15. bsw423

    Brian Shuckhart is My Hero!!! (two-stroke)

    Man I wish I would have saw the KX. We got there right when the last 250 group went out with Shuckhart. I also agree that it would be nice to have a big name ride the two stroke. Maybe someone at the end of their career or retired. I really wish it would catch on. I miss watching the guys actually ride instead of pointing the bike in the right direction and twisting the throttle.