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  1. 4tHONDAdude

    First car

    Well the 304 V8 is tempting but I probablly couldn't afford the gas. My cousin has this really nice CJ with a chevy 350 and a lift, man I'd do anything for that car.
  2. 4tHONDAdude

    First car

    I'm looking for my first car and I think I'm going to get a Jeep CJ/Wrangler, probably a mid 90's-80's modle. Are there any years that had problems (example: stricter emissions making it have less power). Are there any engine that were noticeably beter/worse? Personally I prefer the CJ's.
  3. 4tHONDAdude

    CRF150R carb and throttle on 08 CRF150F

    My bad didn't see them. Are you still going to try it? If you do good luck.
  4. 4tHONDAdude

    Brand facts

    I live in Baton Rouge, but ride near Montpelier (a small town a little North-East of BR).
  5. 4tHONDAdude

    2t vs 4t

    O cool thanks.
  6. 4tHONDAdude

    Brand facts

    All I ride is trails. My dad's got some land (36 acres, some woods and some field) but hogs have rutted up the field pretty bad. So I have to stand a lot. I plan to get ether a CRF 230 or a CRF 250x.
  7. 4tHONDAdude

    Thumpertalk app

    Mine crashes alot and acts like it can't get a wifi connection. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. 4tHONDAdude

    2 vs 4 pros and cons

    I think that 4 strokes make less power but make it over a much wider spread of rpm. 2 strokes have more power but you have to stay in a much smaller rpm range to make more power. I could be wrong and it's different for every bike.
  9. 4tHONDAdude

    2t vs 4t

    It's an abbreviation for 2 stroke and 4 stroke. I don't know why, but it is.
  10. 4tHONDAdude

    values of used bikes down??

    Man where are all these cheap bikes your talking about!! Maybe now I won't have to choose between a mini 14 (gun) or a crf 250x.
  11. 4tHONDAdude

    weird phone call regarding my bike

  12. 05 crf150f Hopefully a crf250x soon
  13. 4tHONDAdude

    2t vs 4t

    I have a 4t Honda (surprise surprise) but don't get to ride any 2t's...yet. But since I have no first hand with 2t's, and because my next bike might be one, what are pros and cons of the two types? I know basic stuff like 2t's make more hp and 4t's have more bottom end. Also as a side question, which one makes a better all around trail bike? Thanks for the help.
  14. 4tHONDAdude


    Hey welcome to thumper talk. There are a lot of people here and a lot of them are very smart so they can help and a lot of people have questions so you can share your knowledge and experience
  15. 4tHONDAdude

    Brand facts

    I have a '05 crf 150f. I'm the third owner, and it looks like I'm the first to give it maintenance besides changing the oil. It starts in 1 to 2 kicks every time. Never broken down on me and I'm kinda disappointed that I'm almost to big for it now (6ft.) but I'm looking forward to a 250 this summer...so in my experience Honda is extremely reliable but since this is my first bike and I've never ridden another brand so I can't really say