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  1. Mine was on Ebay. Smez posted a link up a on previous page.
  2. Sitting on the couch, laid up after wadding in up at Comp Edge on Saturday.. it was my 35th birthday to boot lol. So I'm going through my photos from the last month and thought I'd post some of my adventures in riding the past month or so. "Friday Night Lights" at Fox Raceway (Pala Raceway). Picked up the carbon tank cover. Planning to install it with some new graphics in a few weeks. Road trip to Colorado to ride moto with old friends.. IMI Motorsports, Dacono, CO Taylor Park, CO. Got altitude sickness :( didn't do near as much riding up there as I wanted to.. Loving the change to 14/51 gearing.
  3. MotoGuido

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    I love Shout (laundry stain treatment). I mix it about 2:1 with water and spray the whole bike after I rinse the mud off. Let it sit for about 5min and it really helps the dirt to come off. It will not oxidize the aluminum. You will need different levels of of abrasion/chemistry on different areas of the bike. Sand cast aluminum likes wire brushes (cylinder, hubs), smooth die-cast (smooth sections of frame, engine cases) likes a pass with red scotch bright, followed by a few passes with SOS (steel wool dish cleaning pads), the SOS soap will polish and wax the smooth die-cast aluminum. Keep in mind most of the "raw" aluminum surfaces on your bike are actually clear anodized to protect them as they would oxidize much worse if they were truly "raw." I used to detail cars professionally, it can get pretty confusing cleaning "aluminum" wheels or parts because you're actually working on a coating on top of the aluminum and the detailing chemical manufacturers are notorious for being vague on that fact. If you want that engine to shine you should pull it out and get someone to vapor blast it..
  4. MotoGuido

    2018 Yamaha YZ250

    I paid almost $180 after taxes for it, I'll let it go for $140 and I'll cover the shipping to you.
  5. MotoGuido

    2018 Yamaha YZ250

    I have the silencer you need for sale, brand new unused. Went riding in Colorado but got altitude sickness and never got to use the thing. It's the GYTR FMF Turbine Core 2. Let me know if you want it.
  6. MotoGuido

    Gytr turbine core pics

    I have a brand new one of these for sale if anyone is looking for one.
  7. Thanks Smez, Is that a custom seat cover? I'm looking for someone who can print on the seat cover and having no luck..
  8. A few reasons I am after one of these: 1. I'm changing the bike from blue to white. (this particular cover comes up short, exposing the blue bottom of the tank unfortunately) 2. If I switch to a white tank, they tend to turn yellow even if you take the time to drain your fuel every ride. 3. Any tank graphics I've tried to stick directly to the gas tank have bubbled and peeled off eventually. I spent a lot on my graphics and want them to last like all the other new bikes do because their radiator shrouds cover the gas tank.
  9. Smez, Can you tell me what's going on with this tank? Is this a carbon fiber cover? Or is it something else because I see blue plastic at the bottom? Thanks! EDIT: Right after I posted, now I see it on another bike two posts up! lol I'll shoot him a message too.
  10. MotoGuido

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    The word around the race shop is there will be a new 125 engine and chassis. I totally agree with most of the sentiment in here, I paid almost $7k for my 2015 Yz250 that is basically an '05 with better suspension.. Reason for the post was, instead of hearing it from the typically unreliable dealership hearsay, the mechanics around the race shop were pretty convinced this thing is going into production an arriving 2019.. As you say, nobody knows for sure. I can say that they don't typically have the race team testing new 2-stroke designs, so maybe that's why they're excited and convinced the company will follow through.
  11. MotoGuido

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    You guys talk a lot of $hit but.. i live in so cal, happen to ride with a factory mechanic for yamaha.. ive been in their race shop and ive seen the prototypes theyre testing. Ive also been reeeeaallllly tempted to steal some stuff out of their trash. Sorry i do not have any spy photos they are very specific about keeping my phone in my pocket whenever im back there.. there are new bikes being tested for the past year.
  12. MotoGuido

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    Looking to swap the whole bike.. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/5887024380.html http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/mcy/5887024380.html
  13. MotoGuido

    3rd review of Yamalink: Ride Quality

    You're giving bad advice here and openly admitting to not taking good advice from a qualified mechanic. If you're out there on a racetrack taking risks and jumping your bike you should take your setup a lot more seriously.
  14. MotoGuido

    3rd review of Yamalink: Ride Quality

    Jesus you should have listened to the shop you're almost 200lbs w/ gear. You need a spring even without the link. With the link you prob needed a few higher rates on it.
  15. MotoGuido

    Ride Engineering steering stabilizer

    So what did the stiffest setting reveal??