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  1. Nighman

    Pistons Aren't Round: Profile and Ovality Explained

    I did know this actually. I worked for a company that made machines that machined pistons for Briggs and Stratton. We had to check them on a CMM for the proper ovality. I can’t remember what the tolerances were but they were tight. I never knew the reasoning though. Good article.
  2. Nighman

    What is this carb part I'm pointing to?

    I left ithat part on the floor of my garage and didn’t realize it till I had the bike back together. I have practice taking my carb out now at least.
  3. Nighman

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I changed my sprockets (1 down on the front and 4 up on the rear) and ordered my jet kit. Next will be new tires.