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  1. sjwr450

    Remove the ignition key?

    First test blew a fuse! Ha.
  2. Anyone know which wires to tie together to remove the ignition key? New 530 exc. Thanks Greg
  3. sjwr450

    530 Must do's?

    Great information guys.
  4. sjwr450

    530 Must do's?

    Ok guys I have my 09 530 exc being delivered later this week. I'm coming off a WR450 and many, many YZ's. I have rode a buddies 07 450exc and did not particualry care for it. But over the years I have come to the conclusion I can ride anything pretty fast. So I thought I would give it a shot since I really want a plated bike. I have raced Supermoto, Offroad, Baja, etc. I think this one may hit the street as a SuperMoto first, at least until I feel like it's ok to crash again (long story of a Ironman Triathlete not wanting to even get a little bump injury). I'm looking for advise on must do's, setup, etc. Some things on my list are: 1. Desmog 2. Jetting 3. Possibly pipe, I was thinking Q4. 4. Bars (I have used the same ones on every bike I have ever raced) 5. My usual grips, levers etc. 6. My usual tires for off road. 7. Gearing 14-49. 8. I'm going white and white graphics as well. 9. Little nic nacs like bleeders, carb screw, oil magnet, etc. 10. Sicass LED tailight. I might lose the turn signals for now. 11. One left mirror. Smaller. I had an Acerbis one on my WR. Funny to use in Baja. Possibly, chain? Pipe guard? Anything else recommended? Thanks
  5. sjwr450

    Baja Direction Help Veronica to Hanson, No Highways.

    I can get you through. You taking a GPS?
  6. sjwr450

    A/C SEPERATION 9 weeks still in pain.

    I had a grade 3-5 and seven broken ribs in May. I raced the Baja 500 2 weeks later as is. I crashed once during pre-run and thought that was it. We finished 8th in the Open Pro class. 1 week later I had it fixed by Dr Mark and Blue Cross. I won't lie the surgury and PT the next day hurt very bad. I don't even remember flying home. But within a week I was doing stuff I was not supposed to do. Within 2 weeks I was lifting again and riding. I also have been swimming 3 miles a week training for a Triathlon. Get it fixed it it hurts.
  7. sjwr450

    Any news with mike childress??

    Pretty funny, yes I broke 7 ribs and separated my shoulder. But I still raced! Once the race started I did not think about it once.
  8. sjwr450

    Any news with mike childress??

    Johnny I agree. Our pre-run times were within minutes of our race times.
  9. sjwr450

    What tires for Baja?

    1400 miles on a set of tires, amazing. Does your throttle work? On normal tours down there 739 or 756 last about 300 miles down there. But you can still ride them. During the race we toasted them after 100 miles.
  10. sjwr450

    '07 wr450f exhaust

    I have the Q TI. Works just great. Raced Baja with it.
  11. sjwr450

    question for doctor mark?

    Sounds scary. How old are you?
  12. sjwr450

    my collar bone break.

    Great website for help healing. I used it for a broken leg and arm. http://www.mybrokenleg.com/ I'm 38 and recovered from a severly broken leg with syndomosis and a broken arm in about 10 weeks. I raced again at 12 weeks. I stopped drinking soda and diet soda. I took calcium supplements, overloaded on protein, and really switched my diet around. I also took Glucosomine supplements.
  13. sjwr450

    What's wrong with this pit stop?

    long pit stop. Could have changed both tires in that stop.
  14. My wife, daughter, and myself flew to Houston (on miles) to have Dr. Mark fix my shoulder I separated 3.5 weeks ago. In a previous post I mentioned I sustained a Grade 3 shoulder separation with 7 broken ribs pre-running in Mexico for the Baja 500. I waited until after the race to get them fixed (we finished 8th in class 22, and were the 24th overall motorcycle). Anyway I wanted to give him some props here. They sectioned off the collarbone a bit then re-attached everything. I'm assuming it must be work to pull the shoulder back because I was more sore the first day then when the accident occurred. But here it is 4 days later. I have had no sling since the first day. Swelling is almost gone. And I'm off pain killers other then something really light. My arm has full range of motion on it's own. Still sore but it moves. Feels like I could ride next weekend. Great Job Dr. Sanders. Please thank your staff for me, tell Ed I'm goign to move onto harder exercises on Monday. Thanks Greg Richards
  15. sjwr450

    BAJA 500 - photos of TT race teams...

    A few shots of the race day. 5x http://www.kodakgallery.com/Slideshow.jsp?Uc=15jt5eul.2dosj3k5&Uy=-r317xx&Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare&Ux=0&mode=fromshare&conn_speed=1