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  1. Cullins

    Beta EFI Two Stroke Patent

    I assume he has the Ossa and/or Vertigo trials bikes. Yes pre mix. Big difference with those bikes is they weren’t injected for emissions purposes like the Enduro bikes. Emission and passing the new Euro standard is the reason for it (KTM has even said as much) for that reason these bikes will all be oil injection.
  2. Cullins

    Airbox clip rivet

    Because we where always doing a lot of filter changes (at least two a week) got tired of those always breaking and having to repair it so we just got this. Not near as fast, but zero problems after.
  3. Cullins

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    25 years ago if your two stroke didn’t run first thing you always did was change the plug. 90% of the time that was the problem and you went happily on your way knowing you just fouled a plug. These days it’s not as common so we forget that it’s easiest to start there. Been there done that 🤦‍♂️ Most likely your pilot was clogged causeing the first issue. Then with the extended time trying to start it and the running with the choke on it probably fouled the plug.
  4. Cullins

    2017 300RR RE Bog off Idle

    Easist thing to do is start with the air screw. Probably a lean bog so try screwing the air screw in a little and see if that helps. Even if your pilot jet is a little clogged adjusting the air screw can compensate until you have a chance to work on it.
  5. Cullins

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    14-50 is stock. On Ty’s first day of testing with TM they put a 13 on and liked it a lot better. On the ‘19 the power is so linear probably no reason to gear it up to mellow it. Ty even put a G2 quick turn throttle on his bike. Same as he used on the Beta. Growing up riding trials throttle control isn’t an issue, but sometimes not being aggressive enough is
  6. Cullins

    Beta guys.. I need a part # I can't find..

    It’s not really a Beta part. It’s a bicycle part that Beta Italy throws in the boxes with trials bikes. Then when Beta USA builds it into a Sport they stick them on. All other trials guys just leave them sitting in the box. I haven’t seen a Sport yet that it was still working after a few rides (I’m a dealer) If you really want one PM me and I can send ya another one. I’m sure I have a couple sitting around, but if it where my nice new 200 I’d get that junk off my bike😂
  7. Cullins

    2stroke Flywheel ring gear

    Couple pics in this old post. Hopefully they are good enough.
  8. Cullins

    Beta mini bike thread

    We had one of the XL trials bikes for awhile. It had a ton of power! This was when Cole was 13 and already had a 80cc trials bike Just playing in the yard on this
  9. Cullins

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    2019 has a new motor that was first listed as a 6-speed. Not sure what happened. My son Ty has said the gap from 3rd to 4th is bigger than he likes, however he said the motor is so good he’ll take that over any other 2t.
  10. Cullins

    Another red italian dirtbike ???

    Coulda just been named “Other Italian Dirt Bikes” 😂
  11. Cullins

    Bike reviews: The real story

    If you believe that you have to believe it works that way for every review. Standing around BSing with Ron Lawson and a couple other industry guys at a recent race about the motorcycle industry. Ron mentioned that Beta is now spending more on ads in Dirt Bike than any other manufacturer. Didn’t Dirt Bike just give Beta a glowing review? I know that didn’t have anything to do with it, but if you think that way..
  12. Cullins

    Bike reviews: The real story

    Being in SoCal and around the industry I know a lot of these magazine review guys. I 100% believe they give their honest opinion on the bikes. They aren’t influenced by ad sales or $. Now are there options valid or apply to you? That might be a different story. Plus they are all different. Look at Shoot-Out results, when they list how each test rider ranked the bikes it can be all over the place! Riding style, age, ability also plays a huge roll. Even on here there are guys that setup a bike vastly different than what I do due to their riding style. If a guy mainly sits down while he’s riding he gets a completely different feel than I do with my stand up style.
  13. Cullins

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    LOL, not hardly. The dude on the white KTM is making the hundreds of thousands while the kid on the Beta gets $0 for a salary 💁‍♀️. Plus Colton is a superior rider. So it’s got to be all the bike😂.
  14. Cullins

    TM 300EN first ride day

    Thanks, Haven’t tried a 4t yet. When we first started looking at TM the 300 4t seemed like it might be cool for EX. However TM was more interested in having him on the 2t and they feel it’s a better bike, especially with the new ‘19 motor. It’s a better choice for Ty anyways, much easier to go from one 300 2t to another than it is to switch brands plus switch motor type. Would still like to try one though and depending on how the EX tracks develop over the next year might be on one for 2020.
  15. Cullins

    Beta Dirt Bikes are Slow

    Yep, that’s why they can pull holeshots over Factory 350’s. I actually believe the power helps it hook up better. Not to mention a chassis that gets power to the ground.