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  1. J T K

    CR500AF just finished

    Thanks for all the compliments and condolences guy, another question for ya! What would you guys say is optimal gearing for the sand?
  2. J T K

    CR500AF just finished

    Ya know, I'm really not sure! I have about a 7 hour gap in my memory of the day. But I am told I was hitting a jump over and over, and got it up to 4th gear, and hit nose first and went over the bars, and rolled about 10 times. I don't remember any of it, but I know I am pretty sore and have a black eye!
  3. J T K

    CR500AF just finished

    What would you guys price it at? I may be listing it
  4. J T K

    CR500AF just finished

    Yep that would be my leftover parts! And yes, when I bought the 500 it was seized, and I had to have it re-sleeved because it had been bored out all the way. So back to stock it went!
  5. J T K

    CR500AF just finished

    Hey everyone, just finished my CR500AF! 2002 CR250 frame with a 91 500 engine in it. Thank you to everyone who helped me out with info on the build. Got my first ride on it this last weekend at the sand dunes, but it ended with a concussion so I don't remember what it was like! So I'm going to have to take her out again sometime. But anyway just wanted to show you guys the finished product! Also, just curious, but what do you guys think it is worth. Fresh sleeve and top end (I really hope the upload worked!)
  6. J T K

    250SX race gas for dunes?

    Hi everyone, just got an 07 250SX, and I'm takin her to the dunes tomorrow for the first ride! But my question is will I need to run half race gas? Because the last bike I rode in the dunes was a 2002 CR250, and it wouldn't run correctly without a 50/50 mix. Does anyone know if the KTM is going to want a 50/50 mix as well? Ill be @ sea level as well, and it is all stock. Thanks! And PS: the KTM is twice the bike my CR250 was
  7. Could be detonating. Depends on your elevation, my 02 CR250 did the same thing when I took it to the dunes at sea level. It ran fine at 800 and up, but at sea level it would never run right without 50/50 mix of race gas. So my guess is try a 50/50 mix and see if that helps!
  8. J T K

    Detuning CR125 for trails?

    I had my 85 for 3 years. It was a little small the last year, but I rode that 85 until I could make it sing. I also tried to ride my dads CR125 that last year, and I ended up breaking my foot on it because it was too much for me to handle. So if he can, I would say let him stay on it until he can ride it hard. He will be better off in the long run But, if he has to move up this offseason, a 125 can be made into a decent woods bike, but not a slow speed woods bike. That's not what they are built to do. CRF250Xs are a good slow woods bike, modern ergos, although they are a bit heavy. I think the CRF230 would be a good choice, except for the suspension problems. KDX200s are also a decent choice, but a bit outdated bike. But also not a race bike if that's what you're looking for.
  9. J T K

    CR 500, rebuilt and won't run

    Yeah been there before ha, don't want that again! I guess I'll just put the money out for a new muffler. Thanks for the info!
  10. J T K

    Need help with Race Fuel!

    Unless the bike isn't running correctly without it, I can't see it being worth it. But I do know in some cases a stock bike can need it, my mostly all stock 02 CR250 would not run right at all on the dunes, and the race fuel made it run perfectly. I used 50/50 mix of whatever my shop carried, I don't think it really matters what type of race gas you run as long as it's just higher octane. Just my humble opinion
  11. J T K

    CR 500, rebuilt and won't run

    Great call on the float height! Fixed it right up and ran it for a while today. Another question though, I'm getting ready to do a aluminum frame conversion with my 02 CR250. Can I use my FMF turbine core 2 silencer on the 500 engine and head pipe?
  12. J T K

    CR 500, rebuilt and won't run

    Thanks all for the super quick responses I appreciate it!
  13. J T K

    CR 500, rebuilt and won't run

    Hmm good call I'll have to look into that! I took the carb apart and looked at it, it seemed to be pretty free, but that could have changed, thanks!
  14. Just finished rebuilding my first 500, a 91. Just got the cylinder re-sleeved, new piston and rings, new spark plug, checked the carb and everything. All new fluids. Everything seemed good so I took it outside and it started in about 5 kicks. But being a 500 rookie, I killed it, and now I've kicked it 100 times and it won't start again. I've waiting for an hour and tried again, won't start. It fires a little bit, but won't start. It seems like there is a lot of gas pouring out of the carb when I tip it. I think it has a 172 and 48 jets? I don't remember exactly it was about a month ago. And I'm at about 800 ft I'm searched around but didn't see anything, so thank you for any help!
  15. J T K

    Bringing back the 2 strokes?!

    As long as the AMA displacement rule stands to match 125 2 strokes and 250 4 strokes, and 250 2 strokes with 450 4 strokes, I see very little reason for Honda to get back into the 2 strokes. The 2 strokes have lost their place in professional racing due to the AMA rulings, and Honda won't be making a bike that can't be competitive, even if there are people like me who would love to have a new CR250 or 500. Also, to say a 4 stroke is a better racing machine is just not true in my opinion. Easier, yes, much easier. But a 250 2 stroke vs a 250 4 stroke, most all professional riders would choose the bike with more power, and they would know how to get that power to the ground. And if a 2 stroke is what the pros are riding, then that is what people are going to buy for the most part. That is why professional racing exists: sales That is just my 2 cents, figured I would chime in!