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  1. michigan400

    Finally got some quality work on it time!

    Same here man! Mine sat for about a year straight, fired it up about a month ago and went for a nice ride. Surprisingly, after about 10 kicks she roared to life and sat there idling like a champ. That's why I love these bikes, they can take being used, abused and put away for long periods with no love and still not let you down. The lack of people to ride with and the fact that I was setting up my new house last year left pretty much no time or desire to ride. House is set up now but everyone I knew was on a street ride so I picked up a Yamaha FZ-07 earlier this week. I left the plates and insurance on my XR though,, I do still enjoy a back road / 2 track ride so definitely not getting rid of mine. Yours is still lookin good! Happy trails!
  2. michigan400

    Minuki pumper carb running lean?

    If your pretty much stock for the motor, a 17 might be a too rich. It is on mine anyway. I have a stock motor with a UNI filter and the 96-97 exhaust SA with the bigger outlet. When I tried the 17.5 in the summer (warm weather) it didn't respond as well from low rpm's under a load. I would suggest tuning the fuel screw position first before putting the 17.5 in there. Good luck!
  3. michigan400

    How do you clean & oil your air filter?

    I keep a small 1 gallon bucket of K1 kerosene around for air filter cleaning. I got a small 1 gallon bucket with snap on lid at the hardware so I could literally drop the filter in and then shake the whole bucket around to clean it. Once I do that, I rinse it real good with water and let air dry completely. I like the spray filter oil also but nothing wrong with the bottled stuff. I spray the inside and outside pretty good then throw it in a plastic bag like I get from the grocery store and squeeze it around to spread the oil on it evenly. Let it set for a while then sponge off the excess oil with paper towels. Grease the seal and slap it on! Done!
  4. michigan400

    Pumper cable routing pic

    You might have to rotate the carb just slightly so it doesn't catch on the frame. Pretty sure I had to do that on mine but that was about 6-7 years ago now. Takes a little fussing but it should definitely snap back to closed. Make sure nothing binds when turning your bars from full left to full right also. Enjoy the pumper!! Good response and a little easier to tune IMO.
  5. michigan400

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Those are the "Day trippers" I think. Same size as E12 but don't stick out as far (little less capacity). They fit great, don't move around at all and sure beat a backpack. I keep my tool pack on one side and the other holds my water or whatever else I want to put in there. They won't hold anything big though, if you want to stuff a jacket or something in them the E12's would probably be better. But for what I do, no complaints at all.
  6. michigan400

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Man!! Lots of good lookin XR's still floating around I see! I haven't been on here in about a year I think. I did some property rehab and had a new home set up this year and only rode the ole girl twice the whole summer. Lame,,, I know. Hopefully I can get back into the groove this season! Not much has changed on my old trail mule,, but it was starting to smoke a little bit so hopefully after Xmas I can start getting some parts around for her. Still love this bike!!
  7. michigan400

    1998 XR400 Complete Tear down and Restore OMG!

    Nice job bro!! Looks sharp and clean the way a bike should!
  8. michigan400

    New XR 400 owner with a question

    With stock gearing I'm like Trailryder, don't go much past 45-50mph. Right now I'm mostly running back roads and easy 2 tracks so I run 16/43 combo and can cruise at 55-60 while keeping the rpm's in the mid range. That would be tall gearing for trails but it pulls it on the road just fine. For a 10 mile road trip to the trail, I'd just use stock gearing and go a little slower on the road.
  9. MMMMMMM, paaaancakes! LOL! I remember trying them on my '83 XL. Results were not great. Turns out 2 ft. of air and 5" of suspension travel just isn't enough to get stylish! Had a great time when I stayed on the ground though. Seen a early 80's XL200 for sale down the road from me a couple months ago for $1200. It was in almost perfect condition so I had to stop and look it over. Really brought back some good memories and had me thinking about getting it just for that reason but it was gone the next day so that took care of that. If you have an XR, don't sell it. I did mine a few years ago and missed it a bunch. I actually bought it back from the guy and will never even contemplate selling it again. So simple yet so good. It's like trying to improve on the design of a hammer. But,,, nothing wrong IMO with any of the other bikes listed either. I'd rock a 450X or WR450 in a heart beat. But I'd still have my trusty XR too! Right now I keep eye balling some street bikes and that will most likely be my next bike purchase.
  10. michigan400

    How old is she?

    Probably between a 2000 and 2005 or 2006 model year XR250. Hard starting could be due to a gummed up carb or tight valves. I'd suggest checking valve clearance and doing a basic carb cleaning to see if that helps any. Those are a couple of the easy ones to check right away. Bike looks good though!! We don't get that street legal variation with the USD forks here in the states so I'm a little jealous! LOL!
  11. michigan400

    XR250 stock tires

    K490 rear was a stock Honda tire for sure. Front might have been also. I think the 756 model front hasn't been made in quite a few years. If the knobs are hard and don't flex they are probably pretty old and new tires of any brand would get better traction.
  12. michigan400

    this doesnt look right and what is this

    Yes, OEM tail light plug. Looks like someone has modified your wiring for a DC conversion and (or) dual sport kit. Check it with a multimeter, they make great accessory power wires for LED lights or whatever else you need. It might still have power running to it depending on how things are wired. Definitely a carb vent filter. They usually just need to vent to atmosphere and hand down between the swingarm and frame like the carb overflow tube. That you can leave alone or cut a small pc. of filter foam and put in there. It's just to keep dirt out and keep the vent lines open and breathing well if you ride in a lot of mud or water etc.
  13. michigan400

    Rear sprocket play causing accelerated chain wear?

    An 82 XL250 is what you ride? It may have the rubber spacers (cush hub??) that are seriously worn out, cracked or even plain gone causing the wobble. I'm not sure if it has them or not but that could be a reason and something to check. O ring chains are worth the few extra bucks and tend to stretch a little bit at first then hardly any after that. Well worth it in the long run. Get new front and rear sprockets and a new O ring chain so it's a new set. Replacing just chain or just sprockets shortens the life span of the new part so best to replace everything at once when you do it. Good luck!!
  14. michigan400

    Desert xr400

    The 400 is a great trail bike. It's "OK" in sand and handles great in tight stuff. It will never be the fastest or best handling (compared to brand new machines) but it does most everything pretty good and takes little maintaining. It's a war horse not a race horse so it might not finish first but will almost always finish in the same shape it started. Great build quality and a nice soft, Cadillac kind of ride. As long as your after a trail bike and don't have the need to drag race all the new stuff you will love it after a while. Put it this way,, the longer you have and ride an XR, the more you respect them. It's all the little things that make them awesome IMO.
  15. michigan400

    250 power mods

    I'm not an expert with a 250 but I think a big bore kit with a slight bump up in comp ratio would give you the best results. I've heard the same things regarding cams so I'd say stick with stock cam. Hopefully someone who knows a little more about the 250 chimes in and be more specific for you.