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    long trips?

    I searched, and read a bit, but can the XR650L handle a 60mile ride at a constant 60, 65,70 MPH. My longest ride was about 20miles at 55 and the oil temp got to approx 230degrees, 2007 factory stock bike. Yes I am a NoOb. TIA
  2. 103m 95g

    What did you do to your pig today?

    07 XR650L, has 1300miles, Adjusted the Valves, made sure engine was at TDC, adjusted, reassembled, tick,tick tick, ***?? checked the service Manuel TDC "on COMPRESSION STROKE!!!" readjusted valves, No more tick, tick, tick. rookie error and reading is fundamental Also replaced the headlight, low beam burned out
  3. 103m 95g


    What is the general consensus on this tire(TW302), current tire is stock TW52
  4. 103m 95g

    XR650L Smog Removal DIY Video

    Thanks for taking the time to post that Vid, Please excuse my NoObNeSs but why exactly am I removing the smog stuff? I searched and found this posted by XR650L_DAVE So why am I taking it off? I have the IMS SMOG kit, a 1st stage Jet kit, K&N filter, all still in the boxes
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    Search feature works, My XR650L dip stick temp guage likes to stay at 200 degrees, so now I am edge-u-ma-cated.