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  1. Just curious do the manufacturers sell more 250F's or 450F's ? Anyone have any source with accurate information ?
  2. So stock spokes will not work with tusk rim?
  3. Does anyone which rims will work with stock hub and spokes on a 15. Yz250fx. I've decided to switch to black rims.
  4. jsmith811

    2015/2016 mapping

    Didn't see any on Yamaha's website, everyone should post links as to where they found them.
  5. I have not been to moab, it's on my list. I would want to have "extra" fuel though, in case you make a wrong turn somewhere, not just to have "enough" I'm sure a gps is in use though.
  6. jsmith811

    2015/2016 mapping

    Where does yamaha provide the different maps at, do they come with the Tuner or are they posted somewhere... And yes, I have seen several here on TT, just wondering were everyone is getting them.
  7. jsmith811

    2015 CRF450 convert forks to YZF

    Thank you.. !
  8. Can anyone provide insight on mounting 2012 and up yz250F forks on a 2015 CRF450 ? Parts are not an issue, just interested in opinions on the geometry and lug off set. If the triple clamp, is changed and yzf parts are used from the triple clamp down, what's the thoughts on it working without upsetting the bikes handling. Please Hold the "Honda" sucks, just buy a "whole" yamaha.. LOL.. at least until I figure out if this is doable.
  9. 1st: I have searched... Anyone have experience with the S3 head and SX Ignition? would this be a better improvement in Low-to Mid than a Gnarly pipe? I'm looking to improve the Low-Mid response.. looking for smooth from the very bottom up to mid. The S-3 head looks nice in orange, not sure if I would need a XC or SX ignition with it ? I suppose the SX CDI is what everyone is running ? Just looking for opinions & input on those products. I have it jetted almost perfect, mileage is great, very happy, probably shouldn't even mess with it. Or maybe I should just add a Gnarly pipe and be done.
  10. jsmith811

    2015 plastic with oem graphics.

    Thanks... Looks like KTMworld is cheapest.
  11. jsmith811

    2015 plastic with oem graphics.

    I can't seem to find a source for a set of 2015 side panels and shrouds from a 2015 or 2014 ktm 300. I want to keep the stock appearance.
  12. jsmith811

    Blown inner clutch cover gasket

    Where is everyone ordering the Cometic Gasket for the KTM 300 ? I have read through several threads and see everyone replacing them, but no links to a quick supplier.
  14. If your coming from a yz125, there are alot of differences you will need to adapt to before you start making changes. And yes, I let my bike idle at the lowest rpm possible for around 1-3 minutes depending on temps outside. I see people at tracks revving the 4 strokes to warm them up like a two stroke and I can't help but think this is so WRONG. Although I'm no engineer, the oil needs to circulate before revving. If your WR is already unrestricted a JD Jet kit or your own jetting will help as well as a Fuel screw to fine tune it, I didn't notice a huge difference with the gray wire. The WR exhaust on the US model was Massively restrictive. If it has a bog, there are different Leak jets you can try and several carb mods you will read about here, some expensive, so I would try leak jets first. The us model comes with a 70 or 80 leak jet, which is apparently too large you can try a 50, which worked for one of my WR's, others have not needed it.
  15. jsmith811

    Identify this Aftermarket part..

    Who makes it... Where can I buy it ?