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  1. bigrutdog

    Want to make my 650 super stealthy

    Im using my 08' 650 to get in and out of my hunting spots. I need to figure out a way to turn the lights off. Any ideas? Could I make a switch or pull a fuse maybe?? I have a mile long smooth dirt path I'd like to sneak down to save me the extra walk.
  2. bigrutdog

    cam chain tensioner leak repair

    Just did this last week. Picked up the heat resistant permatex from autozone. I remove the head pipe to make things easier. Only technical part: when putting tensioner back in the motor, remove bolt on tensioner and turn screw inside to remove tension, you will have to hold screw driver in place while you bolt the tensioner back up to the motor, then pull out screw driver and tensioner automaticly springs back where it needs to be. Very easy job under 45mins. Now my bike is clean and dry and my shoes arnt lubed up all the time
  3. bigrutdog

    Kenda 270 DR650SE

    Ive put nearly 2500 miles on my kendas riding my 650 in the last two months. No issues what so ever. Funny thing is the dumbass at the bike shop put my front tire on backwards. I havent found the time to get it switched but havent really noticed a reason to switch it... My riding at this time of year is mainly street untill the woods thins than Im going to put the knobs back on. I live on a very twisty road and Im starting to feel more confident every day in the corners but still cant get the solid safe feel I want like I can on my gsxr. Id rate the kendas a 9 out of 10 for the street and price though. I still have a wobble or tank slap feel from the front end at speeds over 85-90mph... Is this just the large front wheel causing this? Id really like to pick up a 17inch front soon.
  4. bigrutdog

    08 DR650 Oil leak

    Im sure its the cam chain tensioner gasket now. Whats the fix, I mean if the factory gasket doesnt hold what will?
  5. bigrutdog

    Blinker indicator only works for left

    I bought some cheap led's on ebay. When I hooked up the left side and tested they worked fine. But when I finished with the right side none of them worked... I ended up trying every wire combination i could with no luck. I bought these very same indicators two years ago for my gsxr1000 and they worked great. Now im riding the DR around with no indicators..
  6. bigrutdog

    08 DR650 Oil leak

    Thanks for the info! I wouldnt be concernd about a small leak but its bad enough now it ruined my new shoes lol. And my girlfriend doesnt like the hot oil hitting her toes as we ride. It appears to be below the head pipe in the base gasket area, but it must blow up onto the lower fins.. Nothing on the top of the head. Ill try cleaning and the powder! thanks!
  7. bigrutdog

    08 DR650 Oil leak

    About two weeks ago I picked up 08' 650 with 4200 miles on it. I paid $2100 so I thought it was a great deal. Bike looks great and runs great. It had Continental dirt tires, but this time of year Im mainly on the street untill hunting season so I put some Kendas on for the road. The motor had some grime underneath the head pipe when I bought it but nothing terrible. Now its leaking pretty bad, my shoes are getting dirty and it drips a few drops when parked over night. Looks like base gasket maybe? Seems to only leak when Im riding. Both sides of the motor are getting wet and the lower half of the air cooling fins on the head have oil residue on them also. I think it had too much oil in it when I picked it up also. Is this common?