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  1. the_depraved_one

    Heli coil in crankshaft where the flywheel bolts on

    Thanks guys
  2. Probably going to have a million questions as I just picked up a complete 97 KX 125 for 300$ and I am new to Kawasaki. Bike is in relatively good shape other than the goober I bought it from had the engine apart and in a box. Transmission is good, cylinder was re-sleeved but needs bored over and the clutch basket needs replaced. Came a nice pro circuit pipe and silencer. The crankshaft is in good shape but he stripped the threads where the flywheel bolts on to the crankshaft. It looks a heli coil was put in. Can that be re-tapped and still used or will it throw it off balance? Thanks
  3. the_depraved_one

    2005 kx 125 parts in 1997 engine

    Nevermind that cat jeekinz covered it great in that sticky. Thanks
  4. the_depraved_one

    2005 kx 125 parts in 1997 engine

    I see the root part number for the crankshaft is the same for many years but the suffix's ate different. Will they still interchange?
  5. the_depraved_one

    2001 YZ250f, good deal or not?

    The guy will take 375$ for it. He states " I have a 01 yz 250f that has a bad rod if you want pics the just ask and also missing some bolts and the ignition coil" Bike is all stock Good deal or endless money pit so buy newer running bike?
  6. the_depraved_one

    2004 CRF front brakes

    I know there are a thousand threads on this, i have searched. Anywho, needing to know for sure if the CRF brakes will fit on a 2008 YZ 250.
  7. the_depraved_one

    1999 YZ125 cracked crankcase

    Ok, here is the actual problem. Just left of the sprocket
  8. the_depraved_one

    1999 YZ125 cracked crankcase

    Sorry guys I thought the picture blew up bigger. That squiggly crack is actually an arrow pointing to the area that broke. There is a big hole where the tip of that arrow points. Picture is a google pic i put up for reference only. Guess I should take a pic of the actual problem.
  9. the_depraved_one

    1999 YZ125 cracked crankcase

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  10. the_depraved_one

    1999 YZ125 cracked crankcase

    Is there any mechanical reason why this part would have broken or did my son just get unlucky and catch a rock or something when he crashed? Thanks Click the attached pic to see exact area that broke.
  11. the_depraved_one

    1999 YZ 125 Power Valve Compatibility

    What other years power valves will truly work in a 99'? To me it looks like 96-98 and 2001-2003 can swap but 1999 is the only odd ball oval shape. Thanks
  12. the_depraved_one

    Wiseco or OEM Piston

    I know as far as quality and etc... was meaning more that I had the cylinder replated and sent him a wiseco stock bore piston to size it with. I am going to have a fitment issue if I go with OEM. stock bore.
  13. the_depraved_one

    Wiseco or OEM Piston

    Getting ready for a top end rebuild before the new season starts. Had my top end to Eric Gorr last year for replating and some other work for that rebuild. I bought a stock bore wiseco and sent it to him for sizing. My question is, barring any major defects in the cylinder, should I stick with Wiseco or can I run an OEM piston in it without any issues? Thanks in advance
  14. the_depraved_one

    Dual Sport, Camp Grayling 2012

    You rode past my old place then, had to cross 5mile rd in grayling to get there. We used to ride snowmobiles on that trail.
  15. the_depraved_one

    MX tracks for beginners

    Not sure how long it has been since you were there, but the last couple years they have maintained it better. I hear they are only running 2 races there this year so it will probably only be kept up twice which means rutted up and hard packed the rest of the time.