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    2013 programming options

    I sent my ECM to Eddie with a list of mods and type of fuel being used on my son's 2012 CRF 250 and a check for $50.00. One day turn around and not only does the bike run at its best now but it starts with one kick. Never did that before. I would definitely use him again.
  2. Does anyone know how much more oil the bike will take with Hinson cover? I put 700 ml in which is approx. 23.5 oz. ran the bike let it sit for 5 mins. and no oil was coming out of the check bolt. I added more till it started coming out but I don't know how much I added.
  3. Thanks. Thats about what I added. Can you still put the amount required when stock or is it required to put the extra amount in.
  4. NSF3537

    2014 crf250r oil?

    I would not use a synthetic oil in your trans. Use a good 80w trans oil like maxima, Honda oil etc. I have had bad experience with synthetic in clutch area.
  5. nobody has a hinson clutch and cover on there CRF250r?
  6. I got a sponsor offer for Kal-Guard for 45% off but I don't hear enough about it. I currently se Maxima 927 in 2 stroke and amsoil in 4 stroke. Have you torn down a motor yet after using this oil?
  7. Any good engine builder can polish transmission. Not cheap but improves shifting
  8. Crate motor, long block. They are complete new motors delivered direct and cost is not bad. Cheaper then rebuild
  9. NSF3537

    Aftermarket pipe for a brand new stock 2012 crf250r

    It will need to be resprung for your weight and and revalve for your level of riding.
  10. It's NOT. Look at the swing arm and linkage. There are other things also but that is the main thing. 04 and 05 had the rocker arm connected to swing arm. The swing arm would have the plastic plugs up front covering the hole where the bolt runs through rocker arm. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  11. NSF3537

    06 has oil in the air box

    I would remove the oil breather tube from air box. They make a by-pass tube and a plug to replace stock. That is a bad design in my opinion.
  12. NSF3537

    What fuel to use

    I know this has bee discussed but I need the opinion of someone who really knows what they are talking about. I currently run Renegade SX4. Can I run Renegade 110 safely. I use the 110 in my 2 stroke mixed 50/50 and I can get it for $7.50 a gallon which is a lot cheaper then SX4. I have 2012 Honda CRF 250r with heavy mods. Here is list: 1. Cp platinum high compression piston 14.1 2. Carrillo long rod 3. ported head 4. 1 mm bigger exhaust valves 5. xceldyne valves 6. psi valve springs 7. webb +3 grind cam 8. polished transmission 9. ceramic bearings 10. polished and lightned crank 11. full Yoshimura exhaust system 12. full hinson clutch set up 13. moto tassinari air boot I know I can't run pump, nor would I want to. (Crap Gas) What are my options if the Renegade 110 is no good.
  13. That is not a 2005, I believe it's a 2003 or prior. I have a 2005, big difference.
  14. NSF3537

    What fuel to use

    Ok thanks guys. I will try cutting it if you think that will be ok. I will have it remapped also. Cutting will save me a ton of money, just don't want to damage motor.
  15. NSF3537

    What fuel to use

    OK. I may get a fuel controller like wiseco or vortex.
  16. NSF3537

    What fuel to use

    It has stock ignition and was mapped by engine builder with Honda programmer. So if I run the 110 or even cut it I would have to remap? I don't know about all this stuff. I thought it might just run a little richer.
  17. NSF3537

    2014 crf250r oil?

    I would use what the manual calls for. That oil seems heavy. I use Amsoil 10-40
  18. NSF3537

    Spring rate change 2011 rmz250

    I think the stock springs are perfect for your weight on that bike. I would not waste money on springs. My son has same bike, just got it and he is only 155 lbs. I tried making adjustments with comp/rebound back and front and got it where he can race it but its not great. I think we definately have to get lighter springs.
  19. I am doing a big wheel conversion on my son's KX 85. I purchased the swingarm, wheels/rims,tires, and rear brake line. Do I need anything else? Will I need to change the linkage or shock or is it the same. Thanks for help
  20. NSF3537

    Athena 290 Big Bore kit

    I have 2 rebuild top end in my RMZ 290. Should I put another Athena piston/rings etc. or can I use Wiseco.
  21. NSF3537

    Kal-Gard oil

    Anyone use this product, an what do you think about it.
  22. NSF3537

    Kal-Gard oil

    Thanks, i got a sponsor offer for 40% off with them through mxsponsor. I use AMSOIL now in 4 stroke and 927 in 2 stroke.
  23. NSF3537

    Athena 290 Kit

  24. NSF3537

    Athena 290 Kit

    Do I need to use race gas or a blend of race gas and pump if I install a one of these on a RMZ 250. I would also be putting a full Yosh pipe and black box tuned to big bore kit?